BlazBlue Alter Memory 02


Hdr: you can tell all the budget went to noel this episode

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20 Responses to “BlazBlue Alter Memory 02”

  1. Red says:

    Errors, errors everywhere. You ‘avin a giggle there, Commie?

  2. sharm says:

    Oh yea, all the budget went to Noel alright….

    Thanks for the Rebel 2!!

  3. Acharon says:

    So in other words the budget was well acquitted?

  4. Orangesilk says:

    Why… why are you even subbing this?, I mean it’s an outstanding level of awful. This might be one of the worst animes I’ve even seen in a while, just, ew

    • anon-tan says:

      Nothing will ever be worse than Togainu no Chi. Nothing. Ever. Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de came close, though.

  5. AMg says:

    Wait a sec. They are going for Calamity Trigger’s True End just after second episode and proceed with Continuum Shift story mode for the rest of the series?! That’s explained the reason why they used ED. Another reason for it is so newcomers will get into Chronophantasm without the hassle of playing both CT and CS story mode.
    Oh well, if the anime is solely about CT, I bet the viewers will think it is like Haruhi’s Endless 8 all over again.

  6. Nomad says:

    Ehm, excuse me, but is Coppelion dropped before release? That show is quite decent, I believe.

  7. Puhi~ says:

    Is machine doll dropped or just late release this week?

  8. iprolyh8u says:

    Oh that pic. Can’t stop laughin.

    my sides D:

  9. GunBlazer says:

    All the budget went into something else.

    Also: Love the pic.

  10. non says:

    I feel so bad for Arc Systems and Aksys Games. I don’t know who exactly gave this series the greenlight, but this anime shames the BlazBlue property. Lets just all forget this ever existed.