BlazBlue Alter Memory 10


herkz: Still on time, right?

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19 Responses to “BlazBlue Alter Memory 10”

  1. Justaway says:

    Faster than light

  2. NubbyMcNubNub says:

    I don’t even..

  3. AMg says:


    This has the potential to become the next “Maria fucking where”.

    Good job, commie. Good job.

  4. Mister.X says:

    You still subbing this show?

  5. why says:

    why are you still subbing this monstrosity?

  6. neptune lover says:

    Are you going to release subs for Hyperdimension Neptunia OVA ?

  7. Echo says:

    Just in time. Luckily I can read English on the Incomplete chart.

  8. xDev says:

    Still fast compared to Cthuko’s Gatchman

  9. Bleh says:

    Nice! only took… almost the entire time from JP CP release to NA CP release.

  10. anon says:

    Thanks for the release, you guys are awesome.

    I want your babies, I’m hungry.

  11. erejnion says:

    Now if you release SeiZon too, I will do a… I dunno what, maybe a celebration? With wine and tribal rituals? Because obviously the end days would be upon us.

  12. Nian says:

    Once again, Thank You Commie! I kinda enjoyed BlazBlue. It was different but not in a bad way imho.

  13. Bleh says:

    Now that Ive watched it, random italics shift at the start.

    “Isn’t it [i]you we should be worrying about, Rachel Alucard[/i]?”