BlazBlue Alter Memory 12 END


skiddiks: One some time soon later…

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14 Responses to “BlazBlue Alter Memory 12 END”

  1. general0 says:

    Better late than never. :D

  2. AMg says:

    Based Commie. Yay! Even the show is completely a train-wreck still yay.

  3. Echo says:

    k so it’s basically Story Mode up to Continuum Shift True End. Recommended for those who plays BlazBlue and wants to know the story but too lazy to play through Story Mode XD

    • AMg says:

      With this, it safely to say that you don’t need to play Continuum Shift story mode in order to play Chronophantasma. Although you will miss out large amount of the characters routes stories and in-jokes. I’m one of them since I cannot afford to buy a console to enjoy this unless Arc System decide to port CS to steam digital distro.

      This anime only meant for the fans yet they messed up the composition of the story. Too much drama in between the actions and only last 4 episodes have some weight to the series. Non-fans will feel lost on the first two episodes thus making them shy away from the series.

      They dropped the ball on this but still it’s a so-so series for the fans.

      • Bleh says:

        Only reason the first game is on steam is because it got a PC release. They arent going to make a Steam-only version of it.

  4. Nian says:

    Why trash ? I actually enjoyed this series.

    Thank You Guys and GOOD WORK!

    I have been looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes.

  5. Saru says:

    Any news about the eotenas BDs ?
    ( I’m sure everyone forgot about them by now !)

  6. Max says:

    Thanks for your effort! :)

  7. keemeef says:

    i knew it! i had a feeling that Commie will finish this cuz it’s spring break

  8. Garlock says:

    Thanks. Are you guys going to do the BDs once they’re fully released? They’re making many changes (mostly corrections) in those.