Blue Literature 05 – In the Woods Beneath the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom 01

WARNING: This is a bit tl;dr, so I bolded the important points.

Masterpiece‘s subs on an encode that doesn’t suck, signs copied and soft subbed, retimed karaoke, insert song and OP soft subbed, etc. It was quite a bit of effort. Not to mention no lol 7 MB font. No stupid hardsubbing (implying all hard subbing is stupid) or (A)dvanced (F)aggotry e(X)perinece. About the OP karaoke, the show already has a hard subbed one, so if you’re weeaboo enough to want karaoke, you’re weeaboo enough to read the runes. I did include the ED karaoke though.

So basically, I think this show is too good to deserve the hardsubbing and bad encoding that Masterpiece was giving it, but our editor assured me that their subs are top notch (but I still had to edit a few lines), so big thanks to them for the subs. Oh, BTW, if you’re from Masterpiece and you object to us using them, please let us know and we’ll gladly continue doing it (for as long as we need/want to). :)

TL bailed on us after episode 1, so this seemed like the best option, since I have an encode that won’t hurt my eyes along with decent subs to watch, and I’m only posting it as a nice benefit to everyone else.

Yes, that means if you’re gonna flame about stealing subs and how you’re oh too principled to download this release or whatever, then just realise that other people don’t care.


PS. Someone please tell Masterpiece’s encoder about:

  • Banding
  • Blocking
  • VFR
  • Grain (particularly how it impacts bitrate requirements)

PPS. After watching, it seems relevant to my interests, since it appears to explore belonging.

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9 Responses to “Blue Literature 05 – In the Woods Beneath the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom 01”

  1. goof says:

    Well, since you didn’t pull a Commie-Masterpiece bullshit, we don’t give a fuck.

    Now, let your balls drop, and grow up.

  2. cryptw says:

    >[email protected]

    Cool email address bro.

  3. anon says:

    So what about eps. 2-4?

    • cryptw says:

      I’ve yet to decide, but I decided this is a good place to start, since it’s the start of the adaptation of a different novel.

  4. Reikalover says:

    There’s always this option:

    – Get episode 01 from Commie-Suimasen-Nekomimi
    – Get episode 02+ from gg
    – Hope that the translator from Commie comes back and they can finish the series (?)

  5. JkLol says:

    According to Commie:
    >TL bailed on us after episode 1

    According to Suimasen:
    >we should actually released episode 13 way before [gg] did, but somehow those guys from Commiesubs screwed up (or didn’t do anything at all, heck do I know).

    so….he dropped on you, because you dropped on him? lol