Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou 03


herkz: #whoa #wow

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14 Responses to “Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou 03”

  1. Sina says:

    oh , thanks , faster than i expected !

  2. jalla says:

    I have question about one line in ep. 1 about “marriage and breaking out of shell and surgery and etc.” I understand what she saysbut I dont get the meaning, especially that part with surgery. I checked your TL against CR and its practically the same so could someone enlighten me a little bit?

  3. Akane says:

    What are birds? We just don’t know.

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks , been waiting for it….already one of my fav now..

  5. Anon says:

    Not too many signs this time, eh?

  6. Corno4 says:

    “Smells like teen spirit”

    > inb4 idiots complain trollsubs

    • herkz says:

      even the most autistic can’t wait for 1-2 days for CR’s subs, so don’t worry

    • Roeben says:

      But what did he really say? Did he make an obscure reference to Japanese music culture that Western audiences don’t understand?

      Because if it’s anything else, it’s a pretty shitty translation.

      • herkz says:

        a more literal translation is like “Isn’t adolescence great?” but it doesn’t really have the right feel to it since seishun doesn’t have a good 1:1 translation to english

  7. Roeben says:

    Has a fine feel to me.