Boobschool of the Breasts

Get it while it’s hot

High School of the Dead 04

Also, no xdcc until further notice, bot population is 0% it’s either there or on its way.

/msg bluz HURRY UP, DAMN thanks bro you’re the best!

Notice: Retype the extension (.mkv). A non-unicode character found its way into there somehow. Think of it as copyright protection. :V

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28 Responses to “Boobschool of the Breasts”

  1. Menacle says:

    took a while but you guys got it done <3

  2. Boobie says:

    Damn, im fuckin happy!

  3. Somebody says:

    Thanks for the release. I’m really looking forward to the v2… nah I’m just kiddin :)

    One question though: Are you guys still doing the Bantorra BluRay subs? Cause no one else is, so if you drop it too…

    Once again thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. smith says:

    the torrent wont let me open it

    problem getting respnse info – [errno 2]

  5. Shizoh says:

    Somethin’ odd’s hap’n…
    When the file was completed. Mine MPC and other players did something odd…
    A pop-up appeared saying that said file is not supported or it may be a damaged file…
    But plays it anyway after I clicked on okay… Nothing was wrong with the video. Was able to watch it ’till the very end. Including that weird split-second frame at the very beginning… >_>

    Strange really…
    Why would they announce that it may be unsupported or damage… But then play it completely without errors at all…! o.O

    Guess I should have doubted when I saw that there was no icon present when I added the torrent… -_-
    I’ll look into the depths of mine PC’s registry. And see if any ‘o mine players are having problems…

    All in all…
    This is a fine release. Good job y’all…! ;)

  6. storrm says:

    why dose it say [gg] when i play it? did you just link to them or did some thing happen when a download it? coz the file sez [Commie] High School of the Dead – 04 [28E86151].​mkv yet it dosen’t reconiz it as a mkv. what the hell.

  7. toddy says:

    Storrm, i noticed the same thing. The links probably wrong, i would imagine.

  8. Menacle says:

    This release is broken
    Here comes v2

  9. storrm says:

    lol triple post

    i doesn’t say [gg] on the top or have an overly large text now. i was playing it on ubuntu be4 but the file shouldn’t of change…funked if i know. you should post some thing for the ppl who cant figure out the extra space. its a ezzy fix on ubuntu but its been ages sins i did it on XP. its in with the settings thay show hidden folder and what not.

  10. isra.ikc says:

    Does anybody have a problem with the subtitles? I did retype the extension and i can play it really well but the subs appear way too big on screen. By the way, this has only happened with this episode/file.

    • Jett says:

      Same here, I renamed it according to “” , ” A”‘s Winrar way and the file plays but:
      In Windows Media Player there are no subtitles and in VLC Player the subtitles are extremely large…
      And usually I play the episodes with WMP…

    • tag.error says:

      1st line in script is ‘[[Script Info]’, the extra ‘[‘ breaks the tags reading in the player, PlayResX/PlayResY default to incorrect resolution, i.e. 384×288, text becomes big. solutions: a) extract the script, edit it, remux it, or b) pass PlayRes to the player, i.e. -ass-force-style PlayResX=848,PlayResY=480 for mplayer

      • Hrimfaxi says:

        Thanks “tag.error” for the mplayer script, was having trouble with the font size 50 before that script helped

  11. " , " A says:

    Hey everyone…! ;D
    This release ain’t broken…
    That space between that “.” & ” mkv ” is the sole reason why its screwed in a way…

    Simple solution… ;)
    The file will still open when you select your MPC or any player that you wish to use after right-clicking on this file and selecting “open” for the pop-up to appear… You then choose a program from the list. Thus, playing the vid by selecting preferred player…

    Best solution…! :D
    If you got WinRAR. This should be all too easy…
    Run your winRAR and find the folder where the file is stashed.
    Select the file and press “F2” on your keyboard. This will automatically make you rename the file…
    Click on the very last part of the filename, after the “v” of mkv… Then, backspace four times. And you will notice that the dot did not disappear after the fourth press of backspace. Now, simply retype the “mkv” that you erased. Or… Press backspace( <- ) one more time to make the dot disappear and retype as " .mkv " with no space this time…
    Press "Enter" and you're done…

    You will notice that the file will have an icon in the winRAR list that wasn't there before.
    Then open the folder where the file is located and you will be able to view its icon or thumbnail(If enabled) for your file. Double-click it. And it should open fine as if it was supported all along… :D

    If… You've done the above correctly that is… ;|

  12. qaz says:

    lolwut, “non-unicode character”?

  13. Glordit says:

    lol. Well MPC has a new Media Format added to it now. Will try renaming when it’s done.

    Thanks for the release!

  14. dfh says:

    The timming is fucked at the beginning of the episode.

  15. Bizounours says:

    Bizounours is a bit late, but says thanks.

  16. Black_Raven says:

    can you explain this?


    karaoke is exactly the same with gg.. guess why?
    so now you’re ripping off the other group, too?

    i know what you do this summer.

    • Stove says:

      It’s true that we used gg as a raw for this episode. However we did not steal the subs. The reason we used gg as a raw is because we don’t have the encoding capabilities atm. But this well change as soon as we have a server.

  17. jspie says:

    Shit subs for shit show, who cares, now where’s Scooby Doo academy, pantsless witches, higurashki, that jrpg harem and alien catgirls no evangelion?

  18. Ryuukei says:

    Next time if you could set the subtitle track to “English” instead of “Undetermined” that would be great!

    Was trying to figure out why my subs weren’t showing up when streaming to my box for like 30 min.

  19. storrm says:

    hay whats up with the “wating for moderation” or what ever it sez after you post. i posted stuff and like 3 hours later theres post above mine. i can understand why becoz some one has to check the comments. but why do you even need moderation, to stop spamming or so ppl cant bad talk you? any way i feel smug muw ha ha har i love it when ppl heed what i say…. i don’t say heed often. heeeed. i could never run a fansub grop i would random post shit like that….heeeeeeeeeeeeeed >BD HA HA HA

    • aethon says:

      we do it so we can give each comment the proper response (or lack thereof) that it deserves.

      heed me.