Book of Bantorra 01

Hurr. I accidently left 24 seconds of ads in because all the ads on this channel are very long and about anime, so I got confu This recording was missing the preview, so I took the liberty of making up for the missed filesize and time by… you know. ;)

Also, in case you haven’t already figured that you can get to the DDL by just taking the torrent URL and replacing -torrent with -ddl, here it is:


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12 Responses to “Book of Bantorra 01”

  1. muh says:

    >flagging 140 kbps LC-AAC as SBR/HE-AAC in the ddl mkv


    anyway, thanks a ton for subbing this.

    • cryptw says:

      Well looks like MPC, MPlayer, WMP and even VLC play it fine, so I’ll pretend it never happened and just remember for next episode.
      I tick the box so much that I instinctively do it now… lol

  2. mark says:

    Thanks for subbing it !

  3. Lav!tz says:

    Thanks for the episode! =)

    I’ve seen the first couple of minutes and it looks great. Though the font could be a little smaller.

  4. Anon says:

    No 720p version for Book of Bantorra?

  5. Uououououououou says:

    So I downloaded this episode– now where do I find the subtitles? I’ve looked all over this place for your .ass files and couldn’t find any.

  6. azurie says:

    Where is this file? I’m no longer able to find this anywhere. I would love to get this one to complete my collection of this title completely (to date thus far) by you guys but atm I can’t without this file sadly.

    • cryptw says:

      You can download it using XDCC on IRC.

      If you don’t get the buzzwords, have a Google around, and if you still don’t get it, comment again.

  7. azurie says:

    well i was wondering why your own tracker refuses traffic when i got the torrent from sites you guys apparently uploaded it to.

  8. azurie says:

    went to irc and got it thanks guys =)