Book of Bantorra BDs

NCOP1 and NCED1 are out.
The are purely for the sake of themselves and won’t be used for ordered chapters.

BTW, it’s 1080p x264 and FLAC 16-bit stereo.

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12 Responses to “Book of Bantorra BDs”

  1. Takeshi says:

    Nice, I hope you kept your styling. SubDESU’s is godawful.

  2. RaVeN says:

    oh yeh.

    I was waiting for this shit :)

    So uh, how did you get the BD’s anyway, did you get 3000 points from that gay site?

  3. sage1210 says:

    Is this will end like Kampfer BD ?

    I hope you not just pick up then throw away…..

    • cryptw says:

      We are definitely continuing this since I’m doing it and the people in charge of the other BD things are all lazy.

  4. Drl says:


  5. aniluv says:

    Luv wat u done with ur site. luvly. Peace <3

  6. i says:

    how bout a 720p

  7. cyruz says:

    Nice. Keep it up. Looking forward to more.

  8. random says:

    Btw, I dont know if its my browser or what, but all the names are black, and are impossible to read on the blue background.