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14 Responses to “Break Blade Trailer”

  1. Rockmanshii says:

    Thx for the trailer translation even if I already know everything they say since I’m reading the manga since months lol. can’t help you with the movie translation sorry but I hope you’ll do it.
    All hail Sygwen-sama!!!

    • Rockmanshii says:

      lol it’s the trailer with the narrator speaking,nvm about what I said.

  2. Flash Gordon says:

    I’ll be the translator for this razzle-dazzle tale.

  3. kupi says:

    Thx a lot!!

  4. kara says:

    Arigato gozaimasu ^_^

  5. Harimau says:

    so is this a movie or a series? (i already read the manga series)

    and oh god, the blue and red. what the fuck is this.

  6. Anon. says:


  7. Evyl-kun says:

    Hi ~~ nice to see the trailer subbed ^^ thanks a lot

    By the way, isn’t the first OAV already out, since they’re already talking about the seconde one on the site…