BRS 5, Inuboku 8, Mirai 20, Pirates 9, Shana 21

Black Rock Shooter 5

Inu x Boku SS 8

Mirai Nikki 20

Mouretsu Pirates 9

Shakugan no Shana III 21

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17 Responses to “BRS 5, Inuboku 8, Mirai 20, Pirates 9, Shana 21”

  1. Silver says:

    Thanks for BRS and Pirates, I’ve been waiting forever.

  2. Alesianduke says:


  3. Esther Takumi says:

    Thank Commie!
    Waiting For Another..

  4. Zaton says:

    TRhat feel when no Last Exile.
    Either way, thanks for Pirates ! \o/

  5. Nikolauss says:

    Thanks for BRS!

  6. Some Dood says:

    Thanks for Inu X Boku, BRS and Pirates!

  7. Knofbath says:

    Welp, that’s everything I’ve been waiting for, see you next week.

  8. No Name says:

    Thanks! If you will be more faster in Mirai Nikki I will watch in releases! :D

  9. HeroUran says:

    I Cry, Last exile :D bul thanks for BRS .-)

  10. Bergamot says:


    BTW, why are you using infinite keyint? The compression gain is fairly minimal (less than 1%), but it can make the seeking fucking slow.

  11. Itisme says:

    Whoohoo now famfam 18-20 xD

  12. Fag It says:

    Thank you for B★RS, and for Pirates, and for adding a donation meter because :maximum autism:

  13. CrimsonX says:

    Thanks for shana!!

  14. Noobster says:

    Thanks mate!

  15. avenison says:

    Anyone else having problems with BRS’ subs? Half the time they aren’t displayed, half the time they have no styling and show up in Arial or w/e VobSub is set to by default. Using current CCCP.