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9 Responses to “BTOOOM! 8”

  1. randell1993 says:

    YES SIR! been waiting for this

  2. Leguna says:

    Why so delayed? what about Muv Luv eps 20 and 21?.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      cr’s 20 is 19.5, a recap that isn’t going to be done because none of the people want to work on it.

      21 is 20 and will be out whenever.

      delays? shirt is shit.

      • Anifan says:

        can’t really see why they would need so many filler eps – unless they had 24 eps and 26 weeks to air one a week :/ – id welcome a side story over a recap

        in other news BROOOM!

    • Shirt says:

      Delayed ’cause of P4G. Blame Atlus.

  3. CaeX says:
    Now that’s ironic