Buddy Complex 03


jdp: japan pls stop making up nonsense words

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18 Responses to “Buddy Complex 03”

  1. Catastrophe says:

    but then it just wouldnt be japan anymore right?

  2. Axiom says:

    You know you like my one true coupling.

  3. Katsu says:

    whats the type of english commie use? american, Canadian or British? be serious please.I require the information for subbing report comparison.

  4. Chinko Drill says:

    I love how my posts about GitS and Hdr are being ignored

    • herkz says:

      ignored how?

      what part of “it has a lot of signs” is too hard for you to understand?

      • Chinko Drill says:

        I understand that it’s a lot of work and that it requires a lot of effort from you guys. I posted two times in different releases this week and those posts never where “posted”, so in my perspective they got ignored.

        • herkz says:

          because asking is pointless

          it’s not dropped or anything. it’ll be released when he finishes.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          >I posted two times in different releases

          yeah, don’t do that. “x where” posts get deleted unless they’re made on a post relevant to the show.

          And even then, >>>showtimes >>>irc

  5. Oi says:

    Why no pick up witchcraftworks?

    Now I gotta deal with weaboo spam-honourific subs elsewhere

  6. bbo says:

    FIRST: I’m usually not endorsing original script modification, but this bullshit is too much, even for me.

    Proposition: Rename coupling to entangling.


    That’s effectively what this system is, in my opinion.
    Even when they would develop some sort of shared mind. Which may come later.