Bunch of Stuff

White Album 19 – Been sitting around. Forgot to release it.
Letter Bee 07 – Released
Book of Bantorra 07 – Released

Natsu no Arashi – Tomorrow

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16 Responses to “Bunch of Stuff”

  1. Mr. Burb says:

    >[Commie] Asura Cryin’ ED3 (Clean) [B21E5657].mkv
    What the fuck… how long until you realize that ordered chapters for ongoing TV shows are fucking stupid?

  2. Rafael says:

    The official lyrics of the op and the ed has been released…

    Do you will translate their in the nexts episodes?

  3. boneknocker says:

    Would you have any plan about Natsu no Arashi DVD ?

    Some time I feel annoy about those shadow blockages.
    And I still not see any group do it yet.

    Just one more question. Could I ask you about Dmonhero Shin Koihime 720p ? Is it upscale or not ?


    *Are you always answer by e-mail ? I only see others answer on their blog.

    • cryptw says:

      I will do Natsu no Arashi! Season 1 DVD when I have time.

      Everything DmonHiro does is upscaled, including Shin Koihime Musou.

  4. boneknocker says:

    I just downloaded DVD raw files from Somebody raw.

    But !!!!

    That shadow still out there !!!

    Is this a fake DVD raw ? Or even DVD still censored ?

    • cryptw says:

      Screenshot please.

      • boneknocker says:

        Sorry I can not send you a screen shot (I tried to captured it but I got only black screen).

        But I can tell you where it is.

        Episode 2 at 15.07 when Arashi play skateboard and her skirt flip up. I saw only shadow instead of patsu.

  5. boneknocker says:


    I just noticed that I not found your episode 1 of Natsu no Arashi S2 in Toshokan.

  6. boneknocker says:

    Could I ask you about Letter Bee and Book of Bantora ?

    Are these shows have real scale 720p version ?

    I saw O-L and Mochi released 720p version but you don’t.

    So I doubt it may be an upscaled version.

    Could you make it clear for me ?


    • cryptw says:

      Book of Bantorra is not 720p. O-L upscaled it.
      Letter Bee is 720p, and we have been releasing as 720p.

  7. boneknocker says:

    Are you have karaoke on Letter bee or Book of Bantorra ?

  8. boneknocker says:


    I still not find your first episode of Natsu no Arashi S2 in any where ?

    Have any suggestion ?

  9. cryptw says:

    We haven’t done it yet.