Bunny (drop) 10

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In America you’re taught at an early age that over 100 degrees (in Fahrenheit) means you have a fever and you should go get yourself checked out.

Normally we don’t change units around but 100 is a big round number that symbolizes a fever.

Deal with it.

/whisper This show is managed by commie’s amerikka branch

TIGER & BUNNY 24 = Delayed.

No .ts = no encode = no timing = no release

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50 Responses to “Bunny (drop) 10”

  1. M00Tnotreally says:

    Thanks for the release.

  2. wat says:

    is dis 10 bitz

  3. Uh says:

    Thanks for the release, and the “(drop)”.
    I love you.

  4. N says:

    OK, the thermometer made me laugh out loud. Was it *really* worth spending your time typsetting that? And what thermometer goes to two decimal places?

  5. d says:

    >>localising temperature

    >Do commie also flip around any scenes with driving in? It might confuse the poor Americans if they see cars driving on the wrong side.

    Do it.

  6. c says:

    >localising temperature

    Well, that was stupid.

  7. wat says:

    I’ll never understand why people insist on not using the superior metric system.

    • hurr says:

      stubborn pride

      • Ash says:

        Or, in the case of temperature, the fact that F can record and display more exact temperatures.

        • Gaku says:

          Like… how? There are decimal fractions which bring more than enough precision for any of them. And it’s not that average human needs more than one decimal place.

        • bob says:

          why is it more exact when Gabriel Fahrenheit randomly decided “I make this a digit and that and here I add another number, too” whereas Anders Celsius used two (seemingly) fixed values, water freezing & boiling.
          Okay, we now know it’s influenced by air pressure, but I don’t give a shit.

          If you really wanna get a star from your teacher, use Kelvin.

          side note: According to wikipedia, Fahrenheit was a german. LULZ

  8. thatguy says:

    Stop browsing /a/ and go translate something. Like Maria Holic.

    Just kidding, not like anyone still watches that show. Anyway, stop that Fahrenheit bullshit. Pretty much anything is fine, but that’s just a tad too much localization.

    • Aqnde says:

      Some will rather wait forever instead of watching crunchypoop.

      • Ishfadriel/BOLLEN9 says:

        Learn to search on Nyaa torrents, all Maria Holic EPs have been subbed for a LONG time. (Alive eps aswell).

        Anyway, wow realy? So amerifags localise (Yes without z, deal with it) temperature why?

        I mean, most of the world uses celsius, so why localise to some gay ass temperature that only a few use?

        Well, ain’t watching this series anyway so not like it matters for me ^^

  9. hemmy says:

    so did you guys drop nurarihyon and I missed the memo or something

  10. macxxx007 says:

    schweet! Thanks for the episode! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

  11. Hnnnng says:

    So how high is 103,64F in Celsius (the superior system)?

  12. La Murricano says:

    Why can’t I hold all this overreaction?

  13. bob says:

    imperial system is like throwing random amount of dice with randomized sides.

  14. jespie says:

    You guys are now 15% more like gg.
    Just without thousands of cocksucking fans. Or fansubber street cred. Or speed.

  15. Brickbreak says:

    All hail the United States of Durrmerica for their heroic resistance the to superior system.

    But even more, hail Belize for standing by their side! They have some balls.

  16. funny says:

    nice of you to change the numbers
    all american fatso dumbasses wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise

  17. Anonymouse says:

    why are you foreignizing units when you should celebrate 9/11 instead?

  18. Rudo says:

    t&b where

  19. Aki says:

    RE: Tiger & Bunny 24— What does “no .ts” mean? :( If it’s a money issue, then I’d like to donate. I’m dying to watch the commie version of T&B 24, so what can I do to help?

  20. Daiz says:

    Haha, oh wow. How did you even manage to fuck up THIS time, Commie?

  21. Blaze says:

    No .ts means they have no video to encode. This may be because none was provided and/or it was not of adequate quality.

  22. Emily says:


  23. anon says:

    You’re crying over this commie? What a little faggot. Get over it you little bitch.

  24. blash says:

    wtf is this about, around 37 degrees is body tempreture, + or – a few degrees from this value means you need help.Surely, this is what we learn from a small age at school.