Call of the Night 01


Unfortunately all the good video sources for this show stream 12 hours late. Normally this isn’t a huge deal, but that timing ends up being right before I go to sleep. So basically this will usually be released about 24 hours after it airs. And speaking of those good video sources, I used Amazon since it doesn’t seem to be streaming on Disney+ yet. If it ever does and the video is better, I’ll obviously switch to that.

As for the subs, the OP and ED styling are both placeholders. It should be obvious why for the OP when you watch it, and the ED is because this episode didn’t have a typical ED animation. We decided to use the official translations of the songs done by the band because they’re decent and inoffensive, so our translator didn’t think it was worth redoing. The translations aren’t amazing, but at least you know it’s exactly what they meant.

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