Call of the Night 02


There was an insert song this week that doesn’t have an official translation, thus the delay. Hopefully there aren’t any more, even though the songs have all been great so far. And speaking of that, I styled the OP to match the on-screen lyrics. It seems pretty readable to me still, but you guys should let me know what you think.

As for the encode, I did improve the filtering to deal with the haloing but without as many downsides as what it was like for episode 1. I also was going to switch to Netflix since their video was better than Amazon’s for episode 1, but their video quality dropped considerably for episode 2 for unknown reasons, so I’m still using Amazon. Disney+ starts streaming this show at episode 4, so hopefully that’s just clearly the best for every episode.

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4 Responses to “Call of the Night 02”

  1. crawfs says:

    Genuine question, why is the opening line of the ED song “Yofukashi no uta” translated as “Stayin’ up lullaby” in the subtitles when the official translation of that phrase (matching the name of the show) is “Call of the night”?

    • herkz says:

      because that’s how the band translated it. you have to realize the song existed before the manga, so if anything the question is why is the title of the manga not “Stayin’ Up Lullaby.”

      • crawfs says:

        Fair point, didn’t realise that song predated the anime by that much. Either way thanks for the explanation

        • herkz says:

          the original manga also doesn’t have an official english title on the cover or anything, so it’s possible someone picked that when it got licensed (which, to be fair, is a pretty good translation) and didn’t know the song had an official translation or didn’t care.