captain earth 3


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  1. Shan says:

    Name: [Commie] Captain Earth – 03 [5826102C].mkv
    Submitter: RHExcelion


  2. erf says:


  3. anon says:

    rhe fucking pls

  4. Skadi2k3 says:

    Are you guys on crack? Thx for the episode :-)

  5. Ztupid says:

    fail mirror caption…seriously…you guys need to get an actual mirror and learn how to be a mirror master…

    • Talic says:

      Is that anything like a pokemon master? You can get a bunch of Mr. Mime’s using light screen to create mirrors on mirrors so they can mirror while we mirror.

  6. Muad'ib says:

    is this some kind of daiz summoning ritual?

  7. AMg says:

    God Dammit, Rhe! You’ve broke the post!

  8. Schezza says:

    too late for april fool, brah

  9. Catastrophe says:

    rhe fucking pls

  10. flupperman says:

    click the ?????? to get new ep

  11. ElDiablo says:

    Hana is now my favorite heroine of all times.

  12. blankaex says:

    when is the next episode coming out ;_;