Changes in the Commie Motif

Need for Reform:

After extensive review, I believe it is high time we at Commie changed our beliefs. This will come in two reforms, as stated below.

Reform #1:

With Horriblesubs killing fansubbing, this thread has taught us that fansubbbers should only sub for profit and e-peen. It would appear that the majority of fans like hardsubs and honorifics. Effective immediately, all Commie releases will now be hardsubbed with honorifics. We will now attempt to delocalize dialogue as much as possible. For example, “Things went just as planned.” would be changed to “Things went just as keikaku.” (with a translator’s note explaining that Keikaku means plan). We believe that this conveys the original Japanese intent much better than translating a word that does not have the same nuances in English. TL Notes are a must, for how else will viewers catch the subtle references to the glorified Japanese culture?

Reform #2:

Here at Commie, we believe we have forsaken our roots. We will now only sub anime that pertain to communist countries as our namesake dictates.


Below is a video that shows proof of our resolution in these reforms. As an addendum to the aforementioned, we will now only release on YouTube, with the videos mirrored for copyright because nobody actually cares about quality as long as it’s the first release. You guys seem to enjoy the videos on autoplay enough anyway.

DDL | Torrent

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49 Responses to “Changes in the Commie Motif”

  1. anon says:

    That was actually a pretty impressive video….

  2. Supapowatyme says:

    “From now on we’ll flip up all the skirts we see”….. GLORY TO LENIN-CHAN!!!!

  3. fgghjjkll says:

    That video is fabulous. Really made my day :)

  4. 444 says:

    who is the author of the song?

  5. commander`A says:

    Aw… damn! I missed all the drama. I didn’t anyone tell me about it?

  6. Zerggie-sama says:

    Слаааавьсяяя ооотееееечествооооо…
    Нааааааашееее своообооодноееее…

    • Jules says:

      Предками данная мудрость народная!
      Славься, страна! Мы гордимся тобой!!!

  7. Orange Hollow says:

    Друужбыы нарооодоов
    Надёёооожный оплооот

  8. Dima says:

    One of the best pranks so far this year.

  9. Wafeld says:

    from what i see, HS is butthurting fansub groups because they release too fast. So here a few ideas i can think off;

    1) Nego with HS about release schedules ?
    Chances of success – almost zero, both fansub and HS e-penos are too large. Unless someone is smaller.

    2) Pull out the troll stunt like Elitistfag did ?
    -Create own HS lookalike team, rip from CR, release faster than HS.
    -After a few months and after HS have become useless (Like the raw providers before Elitistfag) Stop and return to your usual fansub method. Chances all will come crawling back for your release. Plus, u can get your download count that u always wanted before HS troll you.

    3)Form alliance like what they did to mangacurse.
    More of an alliance of trolls to go against a single troll

    4)Suck it up and continue whatever u are doing.

    For me, i prefer fansub group because the raw they used are much better and clearer. HS is a eye cancer

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      You can’t out-speed HS. It’s an automated script.

      • Wafeld says:

        Who say u must do like what HS did.. just rip directly and post it directly.. It nothing wrong to play little dirty.

  10. KKRais says:

    ahahaha holy shit, you guys just made my fucking day.

    I almost lost it at sparkling Putin.

  11. Gaku says:

    This video lacks one thing: kanji karaoke!

  12. M@ye says:

    Day is made, looking forward for ep 52.

    • Orange Hollow says:

      You can watch now episode 5728 of this crappy reality show on russian evening news >_>

  13. Tyson says:

    Show of the season.

  14. Serpentsounds says:

    The song is Little Busters! from the visual novel of the same name, performed by Rita.

  15. Kulkhoz ni Ikuyo! says:

    I am enthusiastic about the second perestroika. A glorious campaign by vanguard subbers to propagate the correct political perception among the great masses of the people!

    Translator’s Note: perestroika means reform

  16. bob says:

    omg noooooooo lol

  17. storrm says:

    god this is really good, its like a refined troll, it leaves a good tased in my mouth, un like some of the stupid shutting down trolls witch are far to common today(yeaster day, times zone) like 60% of that fansub blogs. i don’t know why ryuumaru didn’t troll tho, i was hoping for 404 or somthing from them.

  18. Anony says:

    Finally, I’ve been expecting this for months

  19. whatever says:

    Уважение! Я давно так не смеялся!

    Made my day.

  20. Lier says:

    I-I… actually enjoy it for some reason…

  21. jspie says:

    Fansubbing is dying again? Thank god, spellchecked and afro americalized CR scripts are still better than anything chinese gg superstar translators churned out lately.

  22. Zandouf says:

    You guys have surely put a lot of effort into making that!! Kristen-kun should be proud.

  23. macxxx007 says:

    wow… I feel like I should be afraid but that SONG! OH GOD! SO ENJOYABLE!

  24. justinefremlouw says:

    this was epic just because of the LB:EX reference…nice edits on the beginning and end BTW

    here’s the real OP in case anyone’s wondering…It’s an eroge

  25. Elite_Soba says:

    That was actually beautiful.
    I liked Russian Masters, so I’m rather excited for what the EXtacy version provides, particularly in the form of H-Scenes.

  26. Positron says:

    Glorious. Just, glorious.

  27. Alexeon says:

    This was hilarious! Best April Fools of the day!

    Im all for TLs. Otherwise, how will I know what keikaku means?

  28. Home_Despot says:

    I was hoping for a banner change from “Commie” to “Kami”.

    Best effort of the day though.

  29. Jules says:

    that was nice. thx a lot.
    Those guys not only in my TV screen, but now i can enjoy them while download gorgeous torrents.

  30. Fag It says:


  31. Infinitywulf says:

    Man I thought I was going to snort my drink out all over my monitor when that started up. Thanks guys, that was hilariously epic.

  32. MountainGoat says:

    CAn anyone provide the translation of the word describing the people?

  33. J3N0V4 says:

    I will 100% support you if this is serious and I will do anything in my powers to completely out troll gg and CR.

    Long Live Communism
    Long Live The CCCP

  34. Peebs says:

    I had no idea all the Russian leaders were such stud muffins. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  35. pathos says:

    I recognize the English as the translation of the Soviet Anthem.

  36. Moist says:

    This, by what was originally facepalm erupted into intense laughter, and finally subsided as more facepalm. I also wept like an abused child.

  37. B. Bär says:

    Horriblesubs good
    1 NORMAL File size (350MiB+ is to avoid, there are people with 1mbit)
    2 SD Version ~150MiB
    Horriblesubs bad

  38. B. Bär says:

    Horriblesubs good
    1 NORMAL File size (350MiB+ is to avoid, there are people with 1mbit)
    2 SD Version ~150MiB
    Horriblesubs bad

  39. Todd Decker says:

    For the record, and I know this might make some people’s head explode, even the old X-Men and Wolverine comics from the 80’s when they were in Japan made extensive use of Japanese honorifics and terms. ^_~