Chihaya 22, Natsume 9, Last Exile 18-20, ZnT 8, BRS 6, Symphogear 10, Persona 22

Chihayafuru 22

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 9

Last Exile 18

Last Exile 19

Last Exile 20

Zero no Tsukaima Final 8

Black★Rock Shooter 6

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 10

Persona 4 22

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59 Responses to “Chihaya 22, Natsume 9, Last Exile 18-20, ZnT 8, BRS 6, Symphogear 10, Persona 22”

  1. kururu says:


  2. Zaton says:


  3. Shig says:


    Thanks folks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Words can not describe Awesomeness!!?

  5. vivant says:


  6. Valz_niK says:

    Shana, Shana! Where’s Shana?

  7. torchlight says:

    >Posted by Xythar

    It’s a revolution!

  8. Puddi says:

    OH YEAH !
    Thanks commies for maaaaaasssssiiive release ^_^

  9. Dio says:

    Immelmann turn!

  10. Alexy says:

    Thanks a lot Commie!

  11. Esdi says:

    Thanks hope ep 9 of ZnT comes soon hadena subs suck ;p

  12. Noxshade says:

    Commie, you are my favorite people right now.

  13. Bluey says:

    Yeesss, Natsume! Thank you!

  14. Tankred says:

    Posted by Xythar under: KICKING ASS

    Thanks for Last Exile!

  15. ondi says:

    Saving e-trees <3

  16. macxxx007 says:

    Soooo… sweeeeet!


    Great job releasing this much!

    Have a good night and please have a good weekend!

  17. Qcio says:

    Holy penis, thanks for Last Exile!

  18. chiri_xxx says:

    I love you guys! thank you very much <3

  19. Nikolauss says:

    Thanks for this load of goodness !

  20. Some Dood says:

    Nice, big post.

  21. Shawn263241 says:

    Great, now I need a new pair of underwear. Thanks a lot, Commie.

  22. PaleBlue says:

    *WHEW* I thought I was going to have to catch up on GC

  23. Choco says:

    Persona 4.. So… Early… I… Commie I…

    DEAR JESUS HAVE MY BABIES. (Hope you guys release the final 4 episodes just as fast, Show’s approaching its end)

  24. Alex says:

    Thanks guys

  25. kdude says:

    I watched ZnT 8 a week ago, free, legally. 9 is free and legal tomorrow morning. What’s the point of doing it this far behind? Other than Crunchyroll’s video quality being shit

  26. Dusty says:

    Yay Natsume! I was beginning to think you guys dropped it…

    More Natsume pleeeeze! Thanks, Commie dudes!

  27. Oni Me no Link says:

    Black★Rock Shooter and Last Exile Fam Fan Fan… OH YES!!!

    Thank you very much! (*^_^*)

  28. ooka3 says:

    Thank you guys!

  29. Furykury1 says:

    WOW, what a fine group of episodes….and so many of them!!!! Great work Commie!!!! AND Arigatou!!!

  30. BeaTz says:

    is it just me or not,the Natsume’s OP karaoke wasn’t styled?

  31. Vst says:

    I shall await PATIENTLY Sora Oto movie and Hayata BD. :( I refuse to watch Hadena’s shit sandwhich they call a fansub.

  32. Mahmut says:

    >2012>chekhozoslovakian time zone of znt

  33. nx6 says:

    Holy releases, Batman!

  34. Tiber Septim says:

    What converter should I use to convert these files so that I can play them on my xbox 360 without artifacting?

  35. Fag It says:

    This is overwhelming. Thank you for B★RS and P4, and for sacrificing your lives to fansubbing.

  36. oBb says:

    nymphogear – I never knew you could rape a language.

    • Shawn263241 says:

      Yeah I don’t know if it’s the writers or the voice actors but someone sucks at English, lol.

  37. Yoo-jin says:

    Thanks for the release. Just wondering, however, why for Black★Rock Shooter, that the line (12:20):

    “I couldn’t understand the extent of her wounds.”
    rather than something like:
    “If I could understand her wounds even a little bit…” or somewhere along those lines.

    The translation of not understanding the extent of her wounds makes it sound as if there was an unbridgeable gap that she realized that she couldn’t cross. While this is possible, the line that Saya actually says implies that she was actively hoping to understand Yuu.

    Or, in other words, the translation sounded defeatist even though the line was a bit more hopeful.

    • Yoo-jin says:

      Or maybe it was some sort of counterfactual. I’m not entirely sure. But nonetheless, I’m not sure that “I couldn’t understand the extent of her wounds” was the right way to go about translating the line.

  38. Anon says:

    Commie Senpai isn’t thank you…
    Ohhh gawd!! Fix persona 4 ep 22 subs

  39. Nachtwandler says:

    Thanks for Exile. Hope last eps would be translated faster. Cause only 2 teams including you are working on it (

  40. peasncarrots says:

    Thanks for the Persona 4 subs, but yeah the translation isn’t the best. Like Adachi saying he’s going back to the hospital? They’re ALREADY at the hospital, and what he’s really saying is “I-I’m gonna go” or something like that. I get changing the meaning of some things like a lot of stuff Kanji says (not that I have a lot of love for Woolseyisms) but changing the entire meaning? … >.> yeahhhh.

  41. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks for Symphogear :D

  42. bill cosby says:

    Thank you for Exile. Thank you for everything. You help keep my dream alive <3<3<3

  43. quog says:

    Has anyone else noticed a huge amount of text missing in Chihaya 22? I tried it in Zoomplayer, VLC and WMP all are missing the same text at the same points. The first gap is directly after the OP
    1:50 – 2:10,then 2:24 – 3:07 and 5:44 – 9:45. If not i guess i’ll redownload and reupdate my codecs.