Chihayafuru 11

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P4 at typesetting.

Picture irrelevant to post.

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38 Responses to “Chihayafuru 11”

  1. Hayate says:


  2. lol says:

    lol love that hayate

  3. Santa says:

    Because your family is poor.

  4. herkz says:

    Well the picture is relevant… to something.

  5. thefakesakuragichou says:

    Lol thats what i call a real Santa clauss.thnx for ep(hayate ws awesome lol they should make more season)

  6. macxxx007 says:



    Thanks so much for the episode! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

  7. Elly says:

    Thank you very much!

  8. Kyzoryn says:

    Thanks Commie. I’ll refrain from begging for said anime. You already know ;)

  9. suomynona says:

    well what do you know, its a santa grinch

  10. Fag It says:

    I just want P4’s typesetter to know that I’ll be up all night holding my breath.

  11. implyingthings says:

    Chihayafuru before Persona 4???


  12. nINJAkECIL says:

    I never thought seeing a barrel roll on this show.
    Kinda reminded me of Burnout Paradise.

  13. PaleBlue says:

    Ahhh… I count that scene among the Great Moments in Anime History.

  14. Shawn263241 says:

    Haa… I fucking love Hayate <3

    • anoo says:

      If its failure of a second season on top of how badly the original ended is any indication, you might be one of the few left.

      • commie in faggotry says:

        There’s many of us. And then there’s the Hinagiku worshipper horde.

        • RHExcelion says:

          Manga is best anyways.

        • Shawn263241 says:

          Of which I am a proud member!

          • XerBlade says:

            And I’m not ever since the HWH caused Ryougi Shiki to somehow lose against her in a popularity poll (despite the RS fans writing crazy passionate essays and shit on why she should win and the HWH just repeating “FTW” [I hate that phrase almost as much as pl0x, and that’s saying something] and reposting the same 5 images over and over again ad nauseum [apparently their half-assed shipping couldn’t even go as far as getting them to bother finding some more images]).

  15. Kirby_422 says:

    I find it quite awesome, considering I was trying to explain this to a friend the other day to convince him to watch Hayate.. even the first few minutes for santa lol. Did you post it because of raws for Hayate movie out yesterday?

  16. 1Pantsu says:

    ha i remember that scene from HnG

  17. M says:

    Once again, P4 is not on time.

  18. Daniel says:

    why is there a Persona 4 on in the anime section, its Commie Persona 4 10bit

  19. a says:

    Persona when?

  20. GimmeAir says:

    Santa is evil.
    Santa must truly die now.
    That is all. (for now)

  21. Tokinawa says:

    How did you guys go from 5$ to 0?

  22. Fag It says:

    it hurts to wait

  23. mangaguy wannabe says:

    slowest. typesetting. ever.


  24. Selecao says:

    I love that convo between Hayate and Santa. I like that he socks Santa later on too. XD

  25. Mike says:


  26. pawkaman says:

    gintama picture, nice! now i will watch chihayafuru!

  27. Furykury1 says:

    Does this series, which has 25 episodes, have a natural season break to it? According to ANN, there is no info on that. Thanks