Commie Blu-ray Ltd.

Check out these awesome OP/EDs.

Stylist: fnord

Nyan Koi
Stylist: fnord

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
Stylist: fnord

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Stylist: fnord

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
Stylist: fnord

Senko no Night Raid
Stylist: koda

Stylist: Hurr durr

Eden of the East Movie II – Paradise Lost
Stylist: Tai

Taking requests, I guess? (´・ω・)

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51 Responses to “Commie Blu-ray Ltd.”

  1. DmonHiro says:

    Uhm…so…what’s the point of this again?

  2. vucubcaquix says:

    The ED to the Darker Than Black OVA. That shit is the shit.

  3. DustZ says:

    My Requests
    1. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
    2. Martian Successor Nadesico
    3. Needless
    4. Twelve Kingdoms
    5. Tytania
    6. Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection
    7. Ningen Shikkaku: Director’s Cut Ban
    8. Eve no Jikan Gekijouban

    Also, if your not against outright piracy you could always do rips of Funimation’s blu-ray releases. I’ve read reviews saying that the new Mnemosyne one isn’t that bad, for an upscale.

  4. Sarukah says:

    Can has Hakuouki OP/ED?
    Also are these creditless or just high quality versions of the normal OP/EDs?

  5. VHC says:


    Norikumi will never finish that shit.

  6. qaz says:

    Since when THORA is respectable group?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Read: Not Coalgirls

      • EpicNaruto says:

        What’s bad about Coalgirls btw? Just curious cause I was going to grab some of their releases…

        • RHExcelion says:

          Bloat and bad encoding and bloat and bad styling and bloat and bad translations and bloat.

        • somewan says:

          Nothing. Actually, there is 3 encoder in the team, and each one of them is doing their projects individually, so the quality is various. The ones done by CoalGirls are pretty good, Tenshi is using crf13 which is a waste of time/space, but the videos doesn’t look bad. I don’t know about anon-chan, since I haven’t checked her releases yet.

          Many people hate them, but those are usually just THORA fanboys, so it’s unnecesarry to worry about them. If you’re actually curious abot their releases, just download one ep, and see for yourself.

          • lol says:

            No, the ones done by the coal girl herself are bad as well. She bloats the files by using ridiculous settings since that’s the ONLY way her encodes have any chance to survive being compared to those done by a skilled encoder, like adenozin for instance.

            She also refuses to stop using ordered chapters even though she can’t implement them without screwing them up. Just compare Coalgirls’ Clannad to THORA’s Clannad and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Coalgirls’ version is almost twice as big without looking any better (it actually looks worse in some ways) and has ordered chapters that she only got to “work” by inserting 33 black frames that separate the end of the OP from the remainder of the episode (THORA’s transitions are completely flawless cause adenozin knows what the hell he’s doing). For episodes 1 and 2 that method didn’t even work for her so you’ll see a few frames from what was shown before the OP started right after it ends. It’s a really bad release, even though it’s one of the best releases done by Coalgirls.

            Inb4 you call me a THORA fanboy: I’m not. I don’t care who’s behind the different aspects of the releases I download, I only care about the quality.

            On topic: It would be cool if you guys are going to do BD releases. THORA’s progress is stalled as soon as adenozin goes missing (which he seems to be doing a lot lately) so there’s definitely room for another group focusing on BD releases.

            A random request; finish the Darker than Black (season 2) BDs. BSS only did the first 3 or 4 episodes and their revised scripts are right there in the final TV release, waiting to be put to good use. ^^

          • derp says:

            Nice try, Coalgirls.

    • psuedonymous says:

      Have THORA grown out of the ‘huge sparkly hardsubbed karaoke’ phase yet? I miss THORAnime on a.b.hdtv, still waitin’ for the rest of Ghost Hound.

  7. hello says:

    k-on season 2

  8. martinez says:

    good….i’ll wait 4 Railgun :p

  9. Baka says:

    I’m curious to whom translations are you going to use? your own translations?

  10. ShadowRealm says:

    K-ON Season 2 OP2/ED2

    well that’s if the Blu-ray is coming out anytime soon

  11. IrrugaSinX says:

    BD Railgun already done by a good group >

    better focus on other projects..

  12. tlevis says:

    >umineko ed file is 275 mb big


  13. leecher says:

    Tatami galaxy would be great. I hope you will do more than just OP/ED

    • leecher says:

      Oh, and by the way, do you have any plans on doing Eve no Jikan BD?
      Most of it is already translated by CR, except for some extra stuff that were added in the movie.

  14. Fag It says:

    1. Black★Rock Shooter
    2. Eve No Jikan Gekijouban
    3. Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works

  15. Menx64 says:

    Eden of the east ED
    Ladies vrs butlers
    Samurai Champloo

  16. SvenVolfeid says:

    Are the Commie Book Of Bantorra Blu Ray encodes that i saw on nyaatorrents real? and if so are you still doing this series in BD?

    Also, thanks for these, they look great

  17. PLH says:

    Hellsing Ultimate 6 ED

  18. Re: Commie | says:

    […] This has recently come to my attention. This post is response to it. […]

  19. Dickwad says:

    Heroman ffs.

    Super-patriotic Amerikkan overkill karaoke.

    I’d even pitch in as a stylist.

    • RHExcelion says:


      • Dickwad says:

        I was more thinking of a Jew-ray encode of the OP1 since I saw it pop up on Share today, but what the hell I’ll throw something together for the OP2. That actually sounds more fun. I warn you though, I’m slow and inexperienced.

        I’ll hop on IRC tomorrow but for now it’s sleepy time.

  20. anon says:

    the King of Eden one was really good, at least the kanji track

  21. Detective says:

    I find both Coalgirls and THORA respectable, and find it hard to choose between them. Mind blown yet?

    Nice work on the EotE OP especially.

  22. ShadowRealm says:

    Eden of the East OP in 1080p is so beautiful X_X

  23. Paul says:

    And the rest of the Eden – Paradise Lost Movie, when…?

    • IGChris says:

      Eventually, maybe.

      More specifically, we’re still working on the possibility of doing this, but it’s a good ways off from being done soon. That is, if we do it at all. You can probably assume that if no one else releases a High Quality (TM) release of this, we’ll eventually bother to get it done. Otherwise, we may or may not do it.