Commie Lottery

I’ve got UN-GO, Chihayafuru, Last Exile, and Persona 4 held up at me right now

I can do two tonight (in the next couple of hours) and the rest in an indeterminate amount of time

In an effort to make things more exciting random, I’ll do the first two you guys vote for

One choice per comment, one comment per person, etc whatever

Edit: And that’s that, Persona 4 and Last Exile

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39 Responses to “Commie Lottery”

  1. ondi says:


  2. s3alon says:

    Last Exile… ^^

  3. gisey.jpg says:

    Last Exile. I’m way overdue for my non-fuzzy Famservice.

  4. swede says:

    Last Exile

  5. Artega says:

    Persona 4!

  6. Mar says:

    That was one quick poll lol didn’t even get to vote but I was going for Persona 4 so glad with the results

  7. GX-9901 says:

    motherfu- no UN-GO again?! MEH.

  8. dk999 says:


  9. V says:

    PERSONA 4!

  10. Noxshade says:

    Christ, did not even have time to vote.

  11. Lunares says:

    Persona 4!

    Mainly because there is an okay release (SFWhine) for last exile but the only persona release out is totally shit.

  12. Mike says:

    Persona 4!

  13. Metroid says:

    Persona 4

  14. tehaa says:

    Last Exile :) Thanks for your hard work.

  15. Anonymouse says:

    Cause the rest is shit anyway

  16. random says:

    Well that was fast.

  17. TacoKnight says:


  18. Meigas says:

    UN-GO, I guess.

    I’d pick Persona 4 before Last Exile though. I’d love to downvote Last Exile if possible.

  19. Ranzis says:

    Argh, god damn it.
    Damn capped is demotivating me from loading any web pages at all.
    Oh well. I’ll just wait since I’m capped anyway.

  20. slee says:

    Persona 4

  21. asdfsdg says:


  22. snakechimera says:

    Persona 4

  23. Neo says:

    Persona 4 :)

  24. Alex says:

    Last Exile

  25. hamzahfaction says:

    Persona 4

  26. Mamoru says:

    Persona 4 :]

  27. Jaaqob says:


  28. Fag It says:


  29. LV4Hypocrite says:

    Persona 4 because reasons.

  30. Ginrocks says:

    Persona 4

  31. OmegaSwordEX says:

    Persona 4 ftw.

  32. bob says:

    derp. there are at least 4 groups out there doing persona AS WELL.

  33. anon says:


  34. Deadgye says:

    Can I vote for the Tiger & Bunny second batch (13-25) that was said would be “along soon” back on sept 17th? D:

  35. Evil_Kitten says:

    Last Exile