Commie Monacoin Pool

pls no bully

PPLNS, 1% pool fee, Vardiff Stratum (16-1024), port 7777

Pool closed. Simple Mona takes over as a registration-less mining pool – http://simplemona.com.
A lot of the information below is still worth reading for people interested in Monacoin, however.

More information after the break, or just sign up above to start mining.

We’ve set up a mining pool for those interested in the Monacoin altcoin. For those not in the know, it’s basically your 2ch/buyfaggotry/weebcoin. This scrypt-based coin launched at the beginning of January, but current difficulty at the time of writing this at 7, so you can still expect to actually gather coins from this altcoin.

There is an exchange at http://monatr.jp for trading MONA with BTC (and that is where the ticker on your dashboard grabs exchange rates from), as well as a petition to add the coin to Cryptsy.

There is also an auction site where you can get amazon.co.jp giftcards (and a bunch of other shit) at http://mona-auctions.jpn.org/. They recently restricted access to foreign IPs (yesterday), so you’ll need to gain access to a VPN or proxy within Japan (and if you want to be specific, you can just route through your vpn). The giftcards typically are, in practice, going at about 15 mona:100 yen, and as low as 10mona:100yen – which comparatively is worth more than USD/yen.

You’ll need to register with a valid email address (not needed for verification, but is needed to unlock your settings panel so that you can configure a wallet address). I’ll be offering no fees for the first ~10-20 people who sign up within the next two days – post in the comments with your user ID if you want this (I won’t reply but I will change it for you) – update: anyone with a UID 24 or under will still be eligible, anyone above will not be. Our pool is configured to make new signups anonymous by default, by the way.

If you’re unfamiliar with mining, please read https://mona.milkteafuzz.com/index.php?page=gettingstarted. The stratum server, mona.milkteafuzz.com:7777, is also listed there. You can download GUI wallets at http://monacoin.org/en/download.html.

Main English Page: http://monacoin.org/en/ (get your precompiled Windows/OS X wallet here)
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=392436.0
Github: https://github.com/monacoinproject/monacoin
Trading on monatr.jp: http://letsminebitcoin.com/pages/walkthrough-to-trade-mona-on-monatr-jp

Also, pls follow.

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87 Responses to “Commie Monacoin Pool”

  1. lae says:

    Those that already signed up – stratum port changed from 3333 to 7777

  2. Catastrophe says:

    userID Catastrophe

    also, the link to the blockchain… it moves me to the 2ch miner page and the link on that one to the feathercoin page, its that how its supposed to work?

  3. McFate says:

    Signed up, waiting for account to become active.

  4. Coal says:

    Why not.

    User id 10.

  5. Narthorn says:

    Sounds cool. -> UID 11

  6. RaceOfAce says:

    Sounds like my kind of thing. User ID 14 if you’re still feeling generous.

  7. bodoku says:

    bodoku user id 15

  8. lae says:

    I’m going to sleep for now. I’ve taken care of everyone who’s replied so far and will be back in a few hours.

  9. Tehshower says:

    user id 19

  10. Tehshower says:

    Oh cool

  11. Tm0n says:

    not sure if i qualify but user id 21

  12. Sensou says:

    user id 16 if you would

  13. Reso says:

    Third time I’ve tried to get into that e-currency mining, third time I’ve realized I have no idea what I’m doing.

  14. mrspiffy says:

    userid 25. I had a hard time getting the T&C to display properly and acknowledge that Id seen it. Latest firefox on win 7.

  15. Vash says:

    user id 26

  16. rpgman1 says:

    User ID 29, so I guess I don’t qualify for it.

  17. sod33p says:

    what anime is that from if you don’t mind me asking.

  18. Powerfred says:

    User ID 40
    Not sure if too late, but let’s do dis!

  19. lae says:

    Anyone with a UID under 24 are still eligible for no fees – anyone above will not be.

  20. Dexil says:

    Okay I’m pretty new to this…. and I can’t seem to get it to work… I guess I should give up

  21. J says:

    fairly new to this when do i get coins?

  22. Damien027 says:

    I don’t watch this show but that gif seems so sad & the person taking her gloves so mean.

    • lae says:

      the person taking her gloves is one of the ‘good guys’

      anyway, you should watch it. It’s only 9 episodes, ~ten minutes long, and airs in groups of 3 (the last group of 3 airs at the beginning of march). CR picked it up so you can find HS’ rips on nyaa.

  23. Sven says:

    You want to make our electricity providers rich ?

    How many coins per kw/h is this thing on a 780 gtx?

    I want to contribute , but I need to be sure I’m not going te end up paying more for the electricity than the coins are worth.

    • herkz says:

      aren’t you always paying more in electricity?

      • Sven says:

        It depends on the exchange rate / chance to mine a coin / the hardware used.

        The adapteva based boards use a lot less electricity than gpu based mining for example.

      • Sven says:

        ASIC miners also consume quite a lot , but their recent introduction is having an effect on the markets.

        So still , If I count the life of the card , add the electricity cost for running it that long , and compare it to the coins earned .

        Will it break even? Get a profit ? IDK these days..

        Instead of donating cycles it could just be more profitable to send you money instead of making the electricity provider rich.

    • lae says:

      I was getting ~60MONA/day on my gtx 670 while mining on 2chpool. 60MONA currently amounts to about 300-360yen when trading to BTC – so I guess like 3 dollars a day? Full on mining for a whole month for me amounts to around 15 dollars worth of electricity, and being pessimistic about results (say 2.5USD/day and 25USD electric bill just from mining) trading that MONA to BTC would probably amount to like a profit of 50 dollars a month.

      Through really, this is a buyfaggotry coin to buy giftcards on amazon.co.jp for a lot of people.

  24. mrspiffy says:

    At least cover the userid’s posted before your update.

  25. pastafarian says:

    Ya pool no find de blocks. How about a bounty to encourage de hashes?

  26. pastafarian says:

    offer a X coin bounty to block finders. You’ll have to talk to other pool ops for the how. I suggest ZC over at hashfaster.com.

  27. mrspiffy says:

    Id probably be a good idea to set up a forum specifically for the pool and we move over there, leaving this channel for the anime.

  28. fmc says:

    At 1Mh/s you’re getting about 150 mona per day. That’s about 15 yen or $0.15 per day. Why in the world would anyone mine these. You pay so much more in electricity.

  29. Debilly says:

    So someone actually still cares about that cryptocurrency shit?

  30. milkmandan says:

    Sweet I’ll set up a schedule for this coin. glad to see commie supporting crypto.

  31. mrspiffy says:

    “crymore pool”? If you didn’t change that from “commie pool”, then you done been hacked.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      it’s to honor the memory of dark_sage

    • lae says:

      go google crymore

      btw mrspiffy, I am giving your idea of a small bulletin board a try. I just need to find some time to do some research (because fuck using PHP).

      • mrspiffy says:

        ah…now it becomes clear. thanks for the head’s up.

      • mrspiffy says:

        re: forum

        why reinvent the wheel? Just start a thread over on bitcointalk.org for the pool in

        Bitcoin Forum > Other > Alternate cryptocurrencies > Mining (Altcoins)

        and post the link to the thread here and on the pool info page.

        • lae says:

          because I’d probably be embedding it into MPOS and it’d be anonymous

          also, part of the reason why I even brought up the pool was to experiment – and an anonymous forum is also something I’d like to try out as well

  32. fuck says:

    pls fix ur site bby

  33. Katsu says:

    why is the more i look at your ”gift” the more i feel sad and angry?

  34. Jason says:

    what anime that from?

  35. torisugari says:

    The formula for difficulty will be switched to KGW from 80000th block. Have you updated your monacoin client?

    • lae says:

      Yes, I know about it. I’ve already updated my client, though I haven’t updated the daemon yet.

  36. Fate lover says:

    Are you guys going to release subs for Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya OVA ?

  37. Caged says:

    Can’t seem to get it to work…I’m sad now.

  38. mrspiffy says:

    Hey Mona miners, lae pulls the plug on the 14th, so there’s an opportunity for low end hashers (<=1Mh) to jump in for a day or two and make some coin. Make sure your wallet address is up to date!