Commie Shirt 2016

Hello, friends, it’s that time of year again. This year, we have not one, but THREE incredibly original designs for you to choose from. These will be discounted until Sunday, American time, so uh… get them while they’re cheap(er)!

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12 Responses to “Commie Shirt 2016”

  1. Stinxer says:

    torn style where

  2. Anoni says:

    Who is HERKZ?

  3. x00 says:

    The design is so innovative. Will definitely buy that.

  4. Potato says:

    I want a “Getting paid means they’ll actually approach their work with a certain degree of seriousness and at least try to mantain a standard.” Shirt

  5. H_B says:

    Will you guys do Majestic Prince 25?

  6. Cezar says:


  7. repent says:

    Is it “I love animus” and “I hate animus”? Nice design.