Concerned remarks

Fellow anime lovers. We all love our anime. Would you not take action if you saw the horrible eyecancer someone produced? We take action. Please observe following screenshots.

This compares [Doki] Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 03 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [C8EB4B3E].mkv and [Commie] Asobi ni Ikuyo! – 03 [44E72E12].mkv.

You can see it very well in a mouse over version. Judge for yourself.

Edit: Lot’s of you didn’t realize there were multiple screenshots. We are not trying to focus on the typesetting but the encoding is what we’re looking at. (my bad for putting the typeset one first)



<&Jecht> .akick add Stove K4nv3r54710n 73rm1n473d

<&Jecht> .akick add johnny_dickpants K4nv3r54710n 73rm1n473d

<&Jecht> .akick add BleKohl K4nv3r54710n 73rm1n473d

Actually, before this whole dorama started:

<Jecht> Commie is 100 years early, till they catch and are able to release quality like Doki
<Jecht> but Commie, SubDesu are just the bottom of the fansub community

Now that we actually saw dat quality, everybody who says “OMG, u comapre ur releases to boost epeen” just shut up, ’cause it’s not like we did it without a provocation.

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148 Responses to “Concerned remarks”

  1. lolololol says:


  2. ThatOneGuy says:

    Commie all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for the releases love quality over quantity any day ;)

  3. Errr says:


  4. martinez says:

    hey…did u delete Holo’s post? LOL….

    are u afraid?

  5. Commfail says:

    From Commie’s HSotD ep 04 script: Video File:
    D:\RAW\[gg]_HIGHSCHOOL_OF_THE_DEAD_-_04_[30154FD5].mkv <— HAHAHA

    • Dark_Sage says:

      gg gets their raws first due to having their own personal 11 do shit for them.

      I don’t really see how you can blame Commie for using the first available raw.

      Obviously the raw gg used comes with gg’s usual faggotry, but until the usual raw/ts providers get their releases out faster, you can’t exactly expect any other raw to be used.

      tl;dr cry more, newfag

      • wilson191 says:

        That’s cause gg is the god of fags…too bad their members are dwindling…

      • IGChris says:

        More like the usual providers decided that they would delay releasing the .ts to the general populace until some time after gg releases.

        Also, Commfail, are you SERIOUSLY criticizing commie for using the gg raw to work on the script? I mean, although I might not agree, I at least get where the people bitching about using another group’s encode for a release (without really mentioning it) are coming from. But for using their encode to work on the script?

        You need to get the fuck off your high horse, especially if you think commie is the only group to ever use another raw while working on subs.

  6. wilson191 says:


    hmmm…so to be blunt…do you guys rip this from horrible subs? or it’s just that both of you rip from crunchy translation…?

    • Stove says:

      Both rip from crunchy usually, but sometimes we just rip from horrible since it’s exactly the same as crunchy.

  7. Commfail says:

    So, why didn’t use the HS’ encode as a Working RAW, since it’s been released 4 hrs faster than gg’s, especially since you herbs use CR’s script anyway?
    They are good enough for WRs, newfags.
    You don’t make much sense, don’t you?
    So, what’s the truth behind all this, huh?
    Oh and btw, cause you are trying to excuse it with “Others do it too! Bwaahh!” (kindergarden level), I sit on a high horse?
    Nope, just makes it sound convenient for yourselves.
    You are the ones crying like little babies and badmouthing the work of others, but fail hard in the process, screw who “started it” (again, kindergarden ish).



    • Stove says:

      You sound more butthurt then us, bro..

    • zem says:

      Well I’m not Commie, but CR’s timing is typically slightly different than any broadcast raw. There’s a good possibility that working with gg’s encode instead would mean less retiming later, if any.

      There’s also a good possibility that you’re a moron.

  8. martinez says:

    ma ikka….i won’t fags again since i download ur CS 1 :p

  9. Daiz says:

    Doki has a bad habit of using Share/PD raws for their stuff and then calling themselves high quality. Looks like it hasn’t gone anywhere.

  10. igualop says:

    ITT: Mad people pretending not to be mad

  11. commander`A says:

    @Daiz: I have to disagree. This seems to be encoded by an awesome encoder named “Kokus” who failed Ryuumaru’s encoding test 3 times (or was it 4?).

    It can’t be helped. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  12. Alyssia says:

    Geezus man. I haven’t commented on Commiesubs in a while btw. Their fansub group is theirs, Commie’s is Commie’s. If you don’t like Commie, drop it. Don’t try to be all smartass’s who think they’re the most intellectual people on Earth. You have no right to criticize when all you’re doing is just watching the eps that are subbed. Even if you DO translate for different group, mind your own business and watch your own group’s. Man.

  13. WTF says:


    Firstly: comparing two different video sources (notice the MBS is only on the commie version) – yeah right :P

    This season there is only one HQ anime in terms of the animation: Campanella.
    So the releases of that may be worth comparing the video (and yes I’m not talking about the story being good or bad – simply just the animation quality)

    But any other series this season – pretty average quality animation – so minor video quality differences are really not gonna make any different except to the completely anal types – who will probably just wait for the BD’s anyway :P

    Secondly bitching about someone else’s translation if you don’t translate it yourself – seriously – WTF are you on about?

    I download a lot of versions of the shows I watch coz speedsub = failsub.
    Simple fact – and always will be.

    But if you don’t even TL it yourself – who cares about your TL vs someone else’s?

  14. Menx64 says:

    lol, just how many times are fansubs going to bitch each others?
    People complaining are wasting their energies in vain, pls stop trolling and better go watch anime…
    THX commie for the good job, pls keep it up….