Concrete Revolutio 05


Fyurie: what is even happening

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6 Responses to “Concrete Revolutio 05”

  1. snek says:

    Oh right, this show still exists

  2. Rui Craveiro (LAboy 456) says:

    The last part of the “Beast” history arc… ;)

    Thank you once again (hoping the 6th episode will be released pretty soon)

  3. Cornflakes says:

    Are you still working on this?

  4. AnotherIdiot says:

    Possibly the dumbest question that could be asked, but if/when releases resume on this, will work on the series flow into Season 2?

    Also a slightly less dumb question, when releases resume, will they be sequential or in a “here’s a pile of episodes to get you caught up” sort of batch?