Corpse Demons (Shiki)

I’m actually at a loss for words, too sleepy. More shit to release today, can’t sleep.

She’s pretty cute. Dat chin.

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14 Responses to “Corpse Demons (Shiki)”

  1. Litho says:

    So how many eps before you put this project into limbo like you did House of 5 Leaves?

  2. johnny_dickpants says:

    looks like you could cut diamond with it

  3. thesisidiot says:

    The nurse is mai waifu. <3

  4. Gungrave223 says:

    yet another series? yall sure you have enough time for all those future v2? heck maybe even v3?

  5. FlashGordon says:

    I could pop a balloon on that chin.

  6. digiboy123 says:

    Thanks Commie. Following numerous projects of yours.

  7. menx64 says:

    I could open a can with that chin!!

  8. yubisakimilktea(shiki) says:

    this is so f**king awsome, this is the best season this year, this year is getting better

    i feel like its my birthday, the manga is 1 of the few things that genuinely scare me, that shock stuff doesn’t do it for me. Whenever i saw the eyes…

  9. Jason says:

    You guys are awesome, keep doing that great job, thanks

  10. Rupert says:

    Could the v2 patch be made available for XDCC? Would be greatly appreciated.