Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 02


It has come to our attention that some of our viewers were disappointed by the lack of nipples in the OP. We here at Commie Enterprises, Inc. strive to give our viewers the topmost fansubbing experience. As such, we have switched to a station that includes nipples in the OP.

Please enjoy.

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33 Responses to “Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 02”

  1. bbo says:

    but the rest is all censored?

  2. AMg says:

    Really? This I got to see.

    P/S: I’m not offended by your dickery but at least don’t give a him a boner. It’s really looks out of place.

    • Anon says:

      Nigga, he’s about to hug a naked girl with huge tits, it would be out of place if he DIDN’T have a boner.

      • AMg says:

        It depends on someone level of composure. I bet this guy (whoever his name is) is not those “Hot chick 11 o’clock, must fap” kind of person. Agnes must work on it to get his boner. kekeke

    • bbo says:

      I loled hard when I saw it and didnt thing commie would go that far.

      But I also laughed about “riding dirty” in the op of that show about diamonds and crap. sacred seven or wahtever that was called.

  3. Anon says:

    Oh, and thanks for the nipples guys!

  4. qqqq says:

    Screenshot of the nipples, please.

  5. Jupiter says:

    ROFL. Great stuff.

  6. Ajay says:

    10/10 OP. I hope very episode comes with a new addition to that scene.

    Pubes next pls.

  7. butt says:


  8. Anifan says:

    should have read the comments first… “where are the nipples?” i thought, “ah, NIPPLES!… wait, babies arm… those aint boob nipples! and that aint no babies arm”

  9. Ji says:

    Chances Ange will get a ponos??????

  10. bbo says:

    I’m pretty sure the dark shadow on her chest in the op is there to hide her torn catsuit.

  11. anonymouse says:

    Fuck you herkz, and whoever is doing TS for this show. God damnit. I had to watch that OP four times to see the nipples and they weren’t even on a female. There is something wrong with you guys.

    • herkz says:

      that was hdr

    • skiddiks says:

      You asked for nipples. You got nipples. Never said who you wanted them for, though.

      • anonymouse says:

        I think that one was self explanatory and I stand by my original claim that something is very wrong with you. And thanks for the show.

    • taz says:

      “It has come to our attention … switched to a station that includes nipples in the OP.”

      “…they weren’t even on a female…”

  12. MoonWalker13 says:

    More interested in whether you guys are gonna keep posting fresh ass-shots for each episode than the episode itself…XD

    • AMg says:

      Well, commie are famous for:

      Sinon Ass Online
      IS best girl whatever
      Maria Fuckin’ where?!
      Jeanne tit shots

      To name a few :3

  13. jabashque says:

    >blurry nipples

  14. Geoff says:

    I think this needs more dicks, especially on the girls

  15. melloyello says:

    I’m convinced Sunrise is the most behind the times on gender equality, even for Japanese standards.

  16. Uncensored says:

    Are you going to do blu-ray ? it has some censored scenes

  17. Me says:


    I may watch this show’s entire run just to see what pops up in the opening each week.