Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 06


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20 Responses to “Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 06”

  1. Anon says:

    I want to buy a maid.

  2. Catastrophe says:

    Hooray for Fluttershy’s tits

  3. flupperman says:

    not yet HODT level

  4. anonymouse says:

    Ange was totally kicked ass out there today.
    I know that dialog is taking a back seat to tits and asses in this show but put some effort into it. Just put part of the effort of drawing dicks into TLC please.

    • herkz says:



      • anonymouse says:

        Not sure if sarcasm, but I’ll take the bait.
        You should put part of your effort of drawing dicks into translation checking and quality checking.

        • herkz says:

          Pretty sure the dick-drawing effort only was required for the first episode. Also, a typesetter did that, and he obviously wouldn’t TLC or QC.

          • anonymouse says:

            It was a joke (the dick part) but still, your editor or final QC-er should have caught that line since it was pretty obvious.
            On that note, are you even doing a final QC for weekly releases since you only state translation, editing, timing typesetting and encoding in your progress page?

    • erejnion says:

      Uh, how does this error warrant any TLC? The translation is 100% correct, it just has one “was” more than needed.

      P.S. after this ultra-emotional melodrama episode about Momoka’s suffering, I am ready to say that this is a 10/10 anime.

      • anonymouse says:

        Does it warrant a TLC or not is for staff to decide and I’ll leave it to them. I just noticed it and pointed out that sentence was awkwardly put together. My opinion was that it should’ve been “Ange was totally kicking ass out there today” but your version is probably better.
        And this has been 11/10 anime since the beginning, so I guess Momoka is dragging it down a bit.

        • skiddiks says:

          The line was originally “Ange was totally awesome out there again!” She said that at the beginning of the episode. For whatever reason, I thought the line at the beginning was “Ange totally kicked ass out there!” but it wasn’t, so I changed it back… or at least I thought I did. I guess I didn’t hit undo enough times. In other words, the QC added errors. The moral of the story is to never QC.

          • KannaBlis says:

            LOL @ this whole discussion, mostly skiddiks’s moral of the story.

            @Anonymouse Maybe next time just mention the error and leave out the snarky comment about tits, asses, and dicks.

            Still I find it all very amusing.
            Thank You Everyone at Commie for another Great Release.
            (Despite any errors, at least its still readable)

            • anonymouse says:

              As I stated above, the whole tits, dick and asses part was a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously. As for moral of the story, it would be “Don’t do QC, it only leads to mistakes “.

          • RDF says:

            No, skiddiks. The moral of the story is to never allow the qcer to apply changes directly to the script. He/”she” must give a text file and the editor applies what he/she seems to be necessary to change.

  5. AMg says:

    The mean girls are still being bitchy with Ange and it seems “gossiping” about the fate of Momoka(?) backfired. Hah.

    Now I remember why I did hate about Gundam SEED the most: too many recycled scenes. This series also suffers from that cheap animation syndrome.

  6. YoshiChao says:

    Despite the various complaints and shit quality of the plot this series has presented in some areas, so far I think it hasn’t been too shit overall, and I’m loving the latest OP animation making that crappy single lighting bolt cannon towards the end of the song, into a bloody Hurricane hardcore cannon.

    Hopefully they don’t make the show entirely shit, and can at least cater towards as Mecha-fans/faggots.

    • AMg says:

      Let hope they don’t drop the ball on the mysteries pertaining truth about Norma fighting the Dragons are being hidden from the “normal” (aka the magical/pure blood) human.

      Next up, Red Oni to Ange enters the scene.