Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 07


skiddiks: delays due to excessive fapping

Edit: Now with a working webum

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20 Responses to “Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 07”

  1. johnny_dickpants says:


  2. bbo says:

    you’ll stop when it peels off like a banana.

  3. weebum says:

    pls, your weebum isn’t loading for me.

    • AMg says:

      skiddiks was too busy fapping that he forget to upload the webm before posting this, I think


      • AMg says:

        I think I know what the webm suppose to be. Is that right, skiddiks? :3

        Rejoice, viewers. Next episode is gonna be a beach episode although I think it’s unnecessary as their Combat Suit is as revealing as in bikinis YMMV :3

  4. Anon says:

    Noticed in the apology letter that Salia’s name is actually Thalia. Is this going to be changed in the subs going forward, fixed in batch to keep consistency, or are you just going to say “fuck Japan and your lack of a “th” sound” and leave it alone?

  5. Anon says:

    So what’s the deal with Sereft and Skiddiks on InouBattle and Denki-Gai ?

  6. Kyon12 says:

    we need more romance but not yuri romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Police says:

    Don’t fuck me.

  8. Kyon12 says:

    from the dragon vs mecha theme we have now some filler like episodes with random mahou shoujos….wonder if this show will get better on the second half

  9. Dozo says:

    lol I didnt know I was watching Sailor Moon

  10. IssacS says:

    I only have this to say, Salia… was such an idiot.