Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 13


skiddiks: Holy shit, the new OP song is so good. Too bad they couldn’t finish the animation in time. By the way, instead of watching this shit, read its infinitely superior spin-off 4-koma instead.

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32 Responses to “Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 13”

  1. Is not Shit says:

    If you think this shit then that your opinion. I say that this one the most entertaining anime in this season

    • eyyy says:

      no shit, sherlock.

    • AMg says:

      Just caught up with the latest one. Whoa… Takahashi Yoko. She’s still alive and kicking. Her singing voice is a legend. :3

      If you look past all the fanservices card that been throw into by Sunrise, it’s pretty entertaining. Although, at this point this gonna turn like Gundam SEED; interesting setup but flawed by recycled scenes. Ugh..

  2. pls says:

    skiddiks, go and typeset Fate, please.

  3. nobber says:

    Good to see there’s still a place for our old friend in the new OP.

  4. Name required says:

    At least they can’t ruin the OP song with anything. It already is the most unfitting song for a mecha action anime ever.

  5. golf says:

    You’ll be doing BD for this and BlazBlue?

  6. Name says:

    >implying people who watch this can read

  7. Anon says:

    Both new songs are shit. SHIT.

  8. brainchild says:


    TL note please.

  9. Niwozawa says:

    The 4-koma spin off series is fantastic.

  10. Catastrophe says:

    >not posting sauce of the 4koma

    skid pls

    • skiddiks says:

      It’s hyperlinked

      • Catastrophe says:

        Me and my fucking habit of not passing my mouse pointer over every single line of nearly-identical colored text you post (Horizon 2 theme)


        S3 never ;_;7

  11. jayCob says:

    >By the way, instead of watching this shit (…)

    How can you, it has LESBIANS!

    and fucking cute freckles slut with braid.

  12. Laxx says:

    The new ending song would cut a fine figure as opening as well.

    • PaleBlue says:

      Yeah, I thought the ending sounded more opening-ish too.

    • says:

      that takahashi youko should fucking be here in this show, her song is full of crap.

      they should let nana mizuki or Eri Kitamura or horie yui or yukari tamura do a song but some random old woman whose song and voice is so freaking old school and unfitting.

      by the way , where is orignal non translated ver of that manga. i don’t wanna read in english.

  13. Rubidium says:

    Why yall gotta add a penis in there…

    • Blackkat says:

      It’s sadly been in every one of the episodes. I would like to know if Commie plans on either releasing a set without that, or if they could instruct on how to remove it ourselves (sadly I don’t have much knowledge on how to edit these subtitles, since it does seem to be on the subtitle track as if you turn them off, the penis they added disappears, so at least it’s not hardcoded in).

      I very much like watching anime with friends and normally enjoy Commies translations, yet things like this I sadly refuse to watch with my friends.

      – Kat

      • Yamashita Ren says:

        Extract the .ass with mkvextract.
        Remove the offensive line with aegisub.
        Merge back the .ass with mkvmerge.

        • Blackkat says:

          I’ve actually tried that and it did technically take out the added penis and man nipples, but that is easier said than done.

          Since it’s not a line to be edited, but a picture, the only thing I could do was delete style lines which also messed with the font of the OP song. It would be so much easier to edit if it was just an offensive line to remove or edit.

          Do you know what exact lines are needed to be removed just to the picture without messing with the actual text or font?

          – Kat

          • skiddiks says:

            You don’t want to watch this with your friends. The penis is honestly the least offensive part of the show.

    • Anon says:

      Are you seriously implying you don’t like dicks?

      • Rubidium says:

        I like my dick, but not the not so subtle add to the video. If the penis was more “real” to the character and not so massive then it would be a kinda hidden joke….it’s just so blatantly obvious. Still got a crack out of it when I noticed it.

  14. Admiral says:

    Teh dick must be on da chick.
    Seriously. Ange has more testosteron than her wimpy brother and the rest of the female cast altogether!!!
    Now work the SHAFT on that she-devil.