Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 18


saved Cross Ange


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21 Responses to “Cross Ange – Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo 18”

  1. thisislikeoneofmyanimes says:

    The best thing about waiting is that it’s like 1.5 hours of dragon vaginas in one go. :p

  2. Anon says:

    BDs when

  3. Shirt says:

    Thanks for the most epic of epochs.


  4. I love Ange says:

    Thank you skiddiks for saving Ange

    Now let me ride ange for 1.5 hours

  5. erejnion says:

    Beautiful! Now go save Dog Days and Yatterman too. I see the second at least has some progress toward being saved…

  6. Ji says:

    >you cant just STOP a skiddiks

  7. Jeiko Hunter says:

    Asking where the fuck the mecha lesbians were at.

  8. Death says:

    thanks for the the 3 eps

  9. OtakuMage says:

    so when will skiddiks save Ange a second time?

  10. ke says:

    Are ylou planning to continue Ange, or do I have to download a version without a stiffie in the OP?

  11. RaRaRa says:

    hey commiesubs, are you still subbing this show?

  12. Tappen says:

    Where for art thou Skiddiks?

  13. webo says:

    We need a savior for this show!


  14. Please says:

    Please Skiddiks sub this

  15. Zagafon says:

    I hope you continue this show. I found myself enjoying it after the first few episodes and now am having withdrawals. I mean the boner in the OP, all the beautiful ass shots, and the yuri we cannot forget the yuri. Oh! Do not forget the interesting morality tale. No, really, I really enjoy the show, all kidding aside.