Da Crapo III 01


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9 Responses to “Da Crapo III 01”

  1. Jimmeh says:

    Would I have to watch the other seasons to understand it, or is it a separate story/chars etc?

  2. Gurst says:

    >Da Crapo

    Oh man, I remember Soldats forcing their way through subbing the original while calling it this on their website the whole time.

    Everyone hated it, and yet somehow good times.

    • Positron says:

      After timing over 400 lines of terrible dialogue and worse VAs, I can certainly see why. I mean I knew it’d be bad but fuck.

  3. Zonde says:

    >watching VN adaptations.

    Oh boy, another round of waifu wars ahead of us. I propose translating the VN instead.

  4. Rikka says:

    Thanks for doing this! :D