Dagashi Kashi 08


skiddiks: HeyGuys
skiddiks: god bless

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21 Responses to “Dagashi Kashi 08”

  1. Anon says:

    Saya a best.

  2. Arthur B. says:

    Thanks guys! Have a nice weekend!


  3. Velvetine says:

    wait this is a video
    why is this a video
    literally nothing at all happens in this video

  4. Anonymous says:

    At 100.2 degrees, blood is literally boiling, Skiddiks.
    How could his fever be “over 100 degrees” without him dying?

  5. KappaKappa123 says:

    That Twitch emote was not something I expected SeemsGood

  6. epic says:

    HaHa le funny twitch may may xDDD

  7. tehdarkprince says:

    Gootecks b ‘turstey

  8. Havok says:

    Also Saya best! Reconfirmed every episode!

  9. yeS says:

    Commie makes art rather than fansubs. Yes.

  10. kappa says:

    >twitch memes

  11. scaredycat says:

    He says “39 degrees” though. So nuthing wrong there.