Daiz accidentally all EF transport streams

What does that mean for us? Focus on non-weekly shows of priority and backlog I guess.

(Also I’d like to point out that I and thus Commie took no part in that BBT thread)

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48 Responses to “Daiz accidentally all EF transport streams”

  1. Anono says:

    Weren’t their .ts corrupted like half the time anyway? I often saw news posts apologizing for delays because of having to wait for other sources from many a fansub group.

  2. hey says:

    hehehe, hehe, heh

  3. anonymous says:

    wait what

  4. random dude says:

    this is what you get for putting doki and chihiro together

  5. anonymous says:

    Does that mean you’ll finish those Bantorra BDs?

  6. erejnion says:

    “I am deleting all Commie releases off of my hard drive, and off of my archives.”

    so guys, seems like people who won’t download any gg subs won’t be touching yours either… what do you think about it?

    • Tiggerz says:

      That’s something to think about? …

    • Fuu Yuu says:

      Reading this at the source reminds my why I stopped visiting and posting on box/bakabt’s forums years ago.

      This has all been so over dramatized.

      LOL at the thread being locked.

      Seems there is plenty of YHBT HAND to go around in this whole situation.

      • erejnion says:

        considering the impact this had in the community (I guess the way you can judge if s.b. is in the community is by asking him “Did you hear about the EF drama?”), it’s no wonder the thread was locked. Not to mention it was stupid from the beginning: it was overdramatization from the beginning.

  7. J3N0V4 says:

    so is the shit storm going to effect you seriously or will you just do the wise move and move onto share raws until some other guy in japan starts doing it or are you going to be butthurt and cry about it. not being rude, being curious

    • psuedonymous says:

      >share raws

      >not being rude
      Protip: you cannot insert this phrase to nullify rudeness. Either be an Enormous Cock honestly, or don’t be an Enormous Cock at all.

  8. zmjhgvn says:

    the guy saying “all anime releases have been put on hold indefinitely, effective immediately.” is the biggest fag since it doesn’t concern him what fansubbers are doing to each other let all your hate out on this devil!

  9. black_lightning says:

    I don’t understand the associations… commie = close to gg = close to elitist fags… so shouldn’t you be getting your .ts regardless?

  10. Shampoo says:

    >transport streams gone

    >shitstorm all over the anime community

    >commie’s site has 7 comments on the matter

    >everyone else’s site has hundreds of replies

    >commie isn’t subbing panty and stocking or ika musuke

    >my face when i can wait for episodes

    >shampoo has been downlol’ding from m.3.3.w. for years

  11. Stuff_up says:

    People, don’t fear.

    Just remember what fansub this is


    think about it

  12. lol says:


    Daiz accidentally EF.

  13. PL dude says:

    Well, means I’ll just be going more outside for some time

    (O.o )
    ( o.O)
    Please god no…

    Anyway hope it'll turn out ok in the end. Go Commie go!

  14. thesisidiot says:


  15. Veeman says:

    ballocks, this is madness!!! Just because commie has the best facking releases known man, best facking encoding I’ve ever seen (my old 2001 cpu can run commie’s 720p sweetly but not doki’s).

  16. Mr Lucipher says:

    So basically there’s one lonely basement dweller in Japan who gets you your animu and now he’s not getting you your animu because he saw some intarweb bawwing?
    And not a single fuck was given by me.

  17. Selecao says:

    It seems to be meaningless babble and charred butthurt on the part of EF being trolled on by Daiz not being able to take a jk on IRC. So, to attempt to protect himself from getting flamed by trolls directly, he used the king troll as a shield while feeding the minions. Well… ya mess with anon, you will get flamed… HARD! (reason why I stay away from situs like this and observe) Look, if EF wants to go out like a biznatch: “stay classy” and true to your well put name. Otherwise, he can get his crap in order, take a chill pill and stop feeding the trolls, while feeding the fansub community more timely TS.

  18. !!! says:

    EF is hardly the only capper around, but he’s the only truly public one around (excluding PD). I hope Commie can manage to find some alternate TS sources, however I expect this will lead to a temporary setback through most of the community.

  19. Fuu Yuu says:

    LOL Dorama.

  20. muizz93 says:

    enough talking, lose patient here, when TWGOK going to release :(

  21. nx6 says:

    Blog entry title:

    “Daiz accidentally all EF transport streams”

    OT: Are you guys still hiring editors?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Sure go find that test from way back and I’ll add it on the pile.

      • nx6 says:

        I’m already in that stack actually. :P

        You’re not serious about that not doing backlog, right? I’m seriously waiting for Shiki to start coming out again (any day now…) rather than watch Horriblesubs and be up to ep 16 right now.

  22. macxxx007 says:

    I guess we’ll be waiting for a bit, no?

  23. Jiggling Jiggles says:

    Goodness, things are getting really interesting.

  24. ads says:

    This is so stupid, it isn’t even funny any more…

  25. Basement Dad says:

    Better read the latest news from epicfaggots. The whole daiz/gg/doki/whatever dorama incident was just an excuse for the fact that this shutdown was already planned much longer. At least, if this post isn’t a trolling either. We will see.

  26. Managarm says:

    That just means you have more time to finish sengoku, ne? :P

  27. raziel says:

    you know who will be laughing their ass off ?

    Horriblesub – they are not even affected by it. well their release are horrible anyway

    • RHExcelion says:

      Horriblesubs is just another division of gg.

    • Basement Dad says:

      Of course. They are just trolling Crunchyroll, at least that’s what they say why they started Horriblesubs. I’m glad Taka is still out there subbing shiki, or I would have been forced already to switch to HS (BLUH).

  28. Yo says:

    I’m waiting for TWGOK. I don’t care if the raw is from Zero-raws.

    Come on guys! Cheer up!

  29. Codex says:

    Well that’s a pain -_- hope you guys get it sorted. I love your guys subs, definitely one of the top translations out there. The only thing letting you down now is encoding as current settings seem fairly lossy for file size.

  30. Diggingforfire says:

    Heard about some hoopla (HOOPLA!) in my animu. Dismissed it. Came back a few days later. Read about it while listening to this song.

    It fits rather well.