Dantalian 12 (end)

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Let’s hope for a S2.

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23 Responses to “Dantalian 12 (end)”

  1. Jukey says:

    Best show of the season.

  2. AnonPasserby says:

    Awesome show! Thanks for subbing this and keep up the good work! Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!

  3. Tutturu says:

    Thanks, you’re the best!

  4. random says:

    >that feel when no s2 because poor sales

    Japan ruins everything.

  5. anon says:

    Fuck, I don’t even want to watch this episode because one I do, it’ll be over. ;_;

  6. ondi says:

    >The best show :D

    And surprise me with Horizon please

  7. Elly says:

    Thank you so much for doing such a great job subbing this! I’m sad it’s over now, but it’s been such fun!

    • Loki says:

      Despite feeling rather rushed, this was the best show of the season. The ending is unfitting, though, so I hope there’s a second season

  8. Almond says:

    when is CubexCursedXcurious coming out???

  9. Fag It says:


  10. macxxx007 says:

    I certainly look forward to a second season… THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT WORK WITH THIS SEASON AND AM LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS! (One, I hope, is the second season of this one!)


  11. Tysonblast says:

    Thanks for releasing this series. It was a fun ride and I really enjoyed it.

    Also, special thanks to the translator(s?) who stepped in for the last couple of episodes. You’re the best.

  12. riya says:

    A fantastic finale to a beautiful series! Thanks!

  13. burmecia says:

    Nooo. We need moar Dalian desu :(

  14. A very amazing final ep for true DnS fans. /o/ Thanks for all the hard work guys! Hope there’s really a second season XD

  15. sdfaafgfdsggdf says:

    horizon/c3 fuggen where

  16. Madao says:

    BTW Someone tell me what has happened to [Commie] Iroha?

  17. Harkten says:



  18. momo says:

    thank you for your hard work! i can’t believe it’s overr.. i really do hope for a S2 as well.

  19. noob says:

    This was probably asked before but since I can’t find it on the releases of the shows… are you guys planning to make batches for Shoka and baka test? If not I’ll just keep the episodes you already released.