Dareka no Manazashi

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I hope this gets a BD release because the YouTube video was pretty shitty.

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7 Responses to “Dareka no Manazashi”

  1. Xythar says:

    So what is this anyway

    • herkz says:

      [00:36:40] <&herkz> a short by shinkai makoto
      [00:36:53] <&herkz> that apparently was shown in theaters along with the garden of words or something like that
      [00:37:27] <&herkz> too bad they didnt include it on the BD :(

  2. rchS says:

    I never even noticed Garden of Words was translated and released already.

  3. Progeusz says:

    Great, an hour after I watched it RAW. Oh well, it’s short, might do it again. Thanks.

  4. soloblast says:

    Thanks. Yes BD release please but it’s not like anyone other than the company has any control over that. Is sads. Ah well.