DDL Faggotry

Our friends (haha) at Ryuumaru found some site that seems to have DDLs for everything that’s posted on TT, so check it out (I guess):

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9 Responses to “DDL Faggotry”

  1. alex says:

    Too bad it’s hard to tell if the file have been downloaded from TT completely or not yet.

  2. Flash Gordon says:

    Now we can download anime directly from the internet!

  3. Jo says:

    Are the files real? They’ve got Evangelion 2.22 out, but the audio output is FLAC and not DTS-ES as listed on the ThorA website. Why would they change the audio output?

  4. Infinite says:

    who’s TT?

  5. Ricksticks says:

    Will Shin Koihime Otome Tairan episode 8 be released anytime soon?