Deadman 02

Aw yeah.

Also: true story:

The OP is in Eng(r/l)ish so fnord transcribed it.

The styling is almost 3x the length of the dialogue.

Torrent | DDL

Also, trying to blackmagic raws.

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12 Responses to “Deadman 02”

  1. Trystinia says:

    Thanks! Loving this show so far. Although I think I need my weekly helping of Tiger with sliced bunny stew soon before I starve to death. x_X;

  2. uknown says:

    why are you translating that already translated by other fansub?

    oooh well, do what you want. nothing cant stop you for subbing this anime.
    i appreciated your works.
    thanks ^_^

    • johnny_dickpants says:



      We’re using CR subs as usual.

      Subbing simulcast shows is retarded unless you’re faster. TROLOLO MARIA TEAM.

  3. derp says:

    Where is my X-Men 5 fags

  4. Rudo says:

    this is not tiger and bunny 5

  5. ... says:

    From the next episode, please add \blur5 (at least) to the OP lyrics effects.
    Thank you