TWGOK 12, Deadman 12, Tiger 14

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Deadman Wonderland 12 – END
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Tiger & Bunny 14 – STILL GOING
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OK, about Tiger: No song translations because the people who I’d normally ask about it are absent, and there’s no way in hell I’m delaying a release for song translations. So, next week.

In other news, :edit Tiger: BD episode 1/batch soonish. Deadman/TWGOK may happen.

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34 Responses to “TWGOK 12, Deadman 12, Tiger 14”

  1. Kiwi says:

    Thanks for T&B!

  2. the trooper says:

    Will TWGOK and DW have a batch with fixes or it’s all fine and dandy?

    • johnny_dickpants says:


      • erejnion says:

        Informational responce, thanks.

        BD ep1/batch for which show? All of them?

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          I was talking about Tiger, but there’s probably batches coming for TWGOK and Deadman. May do Deadman BDs.

          • Jukey says:

            That would be awesome because of the craploads of censorship in the TV broadcast.

          • erejnion says:

            Thanks! Well, on TWGOK you did really good work anyway, so maybe just that insert song in the last episode can get a translation for the batch? Even this is more or less just a bonus, but since the song was rather good, lyrics translation would be appreciated.

            DMW is bound to be taken by some rip group anyway, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Great work on it too, anyway.

  3. Peebs says:

    Christmas in July? What?! I don’t even! *takes T&B and runs*

  4. hurr says:

    “there’s no way in hell I’m delaying a release for song translations”

    Great decision is great.

  5. Niku says:

    Oh man, the conclusion of TWGOK was incredible. What with the Gundam references and the tantalizing peek into a possible third season.

  6. macxxx007 says:

    Much obliged for “Deadman” ! Thanks sooooo much for subbing this show! REALLY LOVED YOUR SUBS WITH IT! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT ELSE YOU SUB THIS SUMMER!

    Have a good weekend and a good week after!

  7. anon says:

    The two lines at 3:38-3:47 are mistimed, derp.

  8. Kira says:

    I feel like T&B is taking a turn for the worst.
    Really disliked this episode. Animation seemed really sloppy – Tiger looked so unco.

    • erejnion says:

      >laid-back episode after a darker, filled with action scenes arc

      no wonder why the production cost for this episode is so much lower than the previous ones. Well, I guess everything will return to normal with the next episode.

      • Kira says:

        It’s not that I don’t mind a laid-back episode, just that Tiger and Barnaby’s expressions seemed really weird in this episode. In one of the parts where Tiger was dancing, it looked like he had sticklegs. It seemed really BS to me that Tiger was struggling to catch up to a scooter even though his 100X-power turned on.

  9. Eternal_lurker says:

    Releasing T&B so early… You’re my heroes. m(._.)mアリガトウ♪

  10. Jukey says:

    in DMW at 8:28
    >A man who only wished to hold his chilid…

  11. HyperionX says:

    Hello, thank you for making the second season. Loved your subtitles in season 1!

    Before posting on bakabt you should put missing font and that is the Linotype Finnegan Medium Italic. Without it you have fake italic which bothers the guys on bakabt.

    This screenshot is from episode 9 (02min 27sec)

    • RHExcelion says:

      Can you attach the font somewhere because we sure as hell don’t have it.

      • HyperionX says:

        Downloaded 65 000 fonts cause of that italic and didn’t find it. Had to download some golden Linotype pack.


        I am currently offering blu ray release of The World God Only Knows S1 with your subitles on bakabt. User Jack O Neill immediately found out that in episode 11, 2 fonts are missing, that one and reasonSystem which you didn’t include in v2 release.

        • RHExcelion says:

          lol, yeah. I did miss a few fonts. Did you actually manage to shift 9 billion lines of typesetting onto the BDs? Because that’s why we didn’t do it ourselves.

          • HyperionX says:

            I would say as good as original on some parts even better (added missing line from opening in few episodes, added missing fonts, adjusted chapters… Mainly small stuff that many people won’t even notice but BakaBT does -_-)

  12. HyperionX says:

    That won’t be possible. I’m encoding and subtitle shifting/adjusting for REVO group.

    Thanks for offer!

  13. hurf says:


  14. tsunamip says:


  15. luke_c says:

    …Yottsy? YOTTSY?