denpa 04


Maria 3 @ TS
Maria 4 @ sae
Maria 5 @ TL

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5 Responses to “denpa 04”

  1. yisaker says:

    denpa is out: +1
    no v2: +3

  2. egar says:

    nice show: +4
    new episode out: +3
    waiting til downloaded: -1
    pleasure while watching: +4

    thanks a lot

  3. erejnion says:

    dragging to mkvinfo to figure out what is happening: +1
    No EBML head found: -10

    • erejnion says:

      ok, fuck me, I didn’t even check whether it has finished downloading while I am watching TWGOK4 or not… I didn’t imagine it is possible for it to be still leeching.

  4. wtfisaname says:

    still no mariaholic fuck you i hate you so much ffff