DIVE!! 02


herkz: this show is actually pretty good imo

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13 Responses to “DIVE!! 02”

  1. Kumatetsu says:

    Is there any chance you will finish Monogatari Series Second Season BD?

    • herkz says:

      not much. it has a decent amount of new content, so it needs a translator to translate that stuff at the very least.

  2. brc says:

    Thank you for the diving boys.

    Please don’t forget Lupin.

  3. herkzplsdoballroomdanceanime says:

    that ballroom dance anime is good too

  4. Mesu says:

    Thanks. BTW will it be 13 or 26 episode anime?

  5. SchRita SchRitanna says:

    Thanks for subbing it! I’m definitely waiting for your release.