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herkz: torn stinx

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5 Responses to “DIVE!! 12 END”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why, but I felt the ending was kind of lackluster and the story overall felt kind of meh.

  2. Kins says:

    Hello. Commie. Can i make a request? (Ofc you do not need to do this. Sorry for being greedy)
    I have been looking around many sub groups and asked them if they would like to do this “Code Geass – Picture drama” That was released April 2017. (It was shown at the 10 year anniversary event last year in november 2016)
    But not one has been interested in subbing it.
    So i wonder. Does Commie feel interested in doing this one?
    This picture drama is 16 minutes long.

    Sadly i have no power in understanding Japanese or have any talent at all… :c

    Here it is on Dailymotion.

    I also have this at home. If you feel interested in it on bluray :)
    Sorry for my greedy.

    Good night.

    • herkz says:

      i doubt anyone here would be interested or we already would’ve released it

      • Kins says:

        That is very understandable! You guys are also one of the biggest fan sub groups as well. I think. It must be stressful.

        Anyway sorry for my greddy asking.
        But if you want to.
        Please ask the staff if anyone would feel interested in doing this :/
        I am at my limit. I don’t know where I can look anymore.

        Anyway sorry for being annoying.

        Thank you as always herkz!
        Looking forward for commies next releases

  3. anon says:

    this is finally over, huh? S2 never please.

    What’s next?