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WTB caps from middleofnowhere in Japan that aren’t LOLAWEEK late

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9 Responses to “DMW”

  1. commiesucks says:

    Why would you bother when a real fansub group like gotwoot is already doing it? You guys should just focus on TWGOK 2 and T&B; the only shows I’m using your subs for this season.

  2. Lovely Love says:

    If you’ve ever played FFVII Crisis Core. DMW stands for Digital Mind Wave XD

  3. Rosio says:

    I hope yours is no where near umee’s -supposedly- edited script.

  4. Fag It says:

    Downloading to see if you used crunchy script, and because this show makes me want candy REALLY bad.

  5. jspie says:

    Can’t wait till you start dropping shit left and right somewhere in the middle of the season.

  6. Shawn263241 says:

    Excellent. Now get on with episode 2, lol.