Dont make me laugh Arnavion (TWGOK 9 & DW 8)

Arnavion says:
June 7, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Game, set and match to dickpants. Sorry RHE but Nanoha doesn’t hold a candle to Lady Gaga and that awesome video editing.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to turn up those subwoofers.
Party’s on.


The World God Only Knows S2 – 09

Torrent | DDL

Deadman Wonderland – 08

Torrent | DDL

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25 Responses to “Dont make me laugh Arnavion (TWGOK 9 & DW 8)”

  1. PickleSmoocher says:

    Goddamn, I’m not that into AMVs but this is awesome.

  2. airco says:

    >SHE Music
    Game’s over, everyone go home.

  3. tyson says:

    Filesize is only 275 MB for Deadman? That’s cool.

  4. anon says:

    What’s with this fucking amv race? I prefer silent posts

  5. the trooper says:

    This is turning into a shounen flavored battle

    When everyone thinks that the match is over, there’s always a new (and better) move

  6. alucard nosferatu says:

    is that the pedotastic happiest tome in the world, nanoha? if memory and recognition serves me rightly?

  7. jojo says:

    I love She!!!!!!!!! >.<

  8. Samdidliambo says:

    Another great AMV by JadeCharm:

  9. Yatta says:

    Thanks for Kami nomi!
    Why don’t you do any Kami nomi amvs?

  10. erejnion says:

    Now, using Lain’s music should be counted for fowl play!

    Even though… this amv holds nothing against kain’s amv on the same song.

  11. Ankoku says:

    Will this make Dickpants to surrender I wonder… I’m really enjoying this AMV war. Thanks for TWGOK.

  12. bautrey says:

    Post more awesome Nanoha AMV’s!!

  13. Adamar says:

    Thanks for subs.

    The compression in that song is fucking absurd, but it’s not bad.

  14. ExplodingLemons says:

    Ya…. That AMV forced me to watch the entire first season of Nanoha in one night. Starting the second one now

  15. ExplodingLemons says:

    Yup just finished second season. Im going to wait a while before I start the third though

    • bautrey says:

      I need the first, second, and third season!!! I cant find them online. Can u give it to me? :D

      • PickleSmoocher says:

        BakaBT has all 3 and the movie.

        • ExplodingLemons says:

          Yup just finished the 3rd season and thats where I found them. Those were better than I expected. Sigh…….. I just wish there was more (besides a movie remake that im still going to watch anyways haha)

  16. dast says:

    If I wanted to listen to pseudo disco-house, I’d listen to Justice.

  17. Reiko says:

    About TWGOK, I noticed on BakaBT you guys uploaded a torrent with the whole series which had v2 of every episode. I was wondering if there were any plans to do a batch/v2 of the second season in the same way. If so, I’ll wait for the season to finish before I download. If not I guess I might as well start downloading the ones available already now.