Dragon Zombies

Dear Tai: Daiz says hi.
Dear Whole Rest of The World: Tai asks how can you listen to this.

Zombies 5

Dragons 5 [coming SOON™]

DDLs @ Underwater, as usual.

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9 Responses to “Dragon Zombies”

  1. nkthepro says:

    Skrillex ftw lol. I thought I was going nuts when I suddenly heard the track play while I didn’t have winamp open, then noticed I accidentally clicked the vid in this post and it was that track ;p

    Thanks for zombie btw ^^

  2. usotsuki says:

    Are you guys ever going to do another Haiyoru! Nyaruani episode?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      if you really want it, go hassle daiz endlessly.

      it’s stuck at him. it’s a 2 minute show and he has yet to qc episode 2.

  3. SomeoneInTheShadow says:

    Nice music … !

  4. macxxx007 says:

    Much obliged! THANK YOU!

  5. moefag says:


  6. Lysferd says:

    Today’s Zombie episode was fucking cool. Thanks.

  7. Basement Dad says:

    My ears bleed of this music. Thanks -_- (getting back to Iced Earth, until my soul is finally at rest again -=^_^=-).

  8. Nekros says:

    mmm… not my type of music tbh, but it’s not bad =D