This show is :effort:

Also, apparantly CR made a typo at ~ 9:04. “Shrina” is meant to be “Shinra”.

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14 Responses to “Dullalalalala!!”

  1. [Red] says:

    Editted soft subs from CR, OP/ED/typesetting from gg.​ Encode from .​ts (closed captions attached).​

    Do we really need more shit-subs for this show?

  2. DatsunVic says:

    Who ever is responsible for the “Concrete” font of the karoke is a genius. It rocks.

  3. MrTRanCeEviL & MrLadys says:

    Em.. Thank for release..

    Note:”Be your self is the best way”
    GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)~

  4. .... says:

    lolz Xvid is good for any azn home whos parents are to cheap to buy a BD player with X264 Playback

  5. Panda-man says:

    thanks for subs, especially for using gg’s typesetting so it looks like always.
    bss-ecliptic is late for some reason this time, and i can’t live happily without my saturday drrr.