Election Day 2012 / Arata-naru OVA + OST

What would Reagan do?

Also, Arata-naru Sekai OVA:

Third part (Future) in a series of three (of which the former two are Past and Present). One of them is a manga and the other is a light novel. We’re willing to do both provided the raws show up somewhere.

Have the OST, too:
FLAC | AAC (q=.75)

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27 Responses to “Election Day 2012 / Arata-naru OVA + OST”

  1. Walterion says:

    I’m dissapointed we don’t have a Ron Paul skin for the website. Get your shit together commie.

  2. Telok says:

    So is this watchable without the other parts? I hate missing pieces of story.

    Interesting concept though.

  3. herp says:

    So I herd U liek v2s…

  4. Ofuro says:

    so it’ll brand new commie manga scan and lightnovel translation by commie @_@

  5. pepperoni says:

    Never heard of this show, thanks Commie checking it out!

    Interesting putting hypocrite “BIG Government” Reagan on here. Jesus Christ will remove these devil worshipers soon!

  6. skovacs1 says:

    So….breaking that did what? Huh? And the movie means what? I’m so confused.

    More importantly though, do the other parts actually connect and make sense of this, tying up the loose ends or whatever, or is this just one of those catharsis-less entities that is meant to leave the audience with questions?

    • herkz says:

      how would we know when the other parts are not uploaded for us to read

      • Vong says:

        By going forward several years and reading them when they’re uploaded of course :P Just make sure to come back and let us know how they go

    • airco says:

      As far as I know, the novel (Present, part 1) covers Arata’s story (she didn’t pass the evaluations to travel through time, so she’s stuck in the present, I think). The second part (Past, part 2) covers Kirishima’s (or whoever Future-girl’s boyfriend was) story, who is the one who sent the message at the end, which probably explains why the phone had to be destroyed.

      I’ve also heard that the novel covers the events of all three parts, with a finale meant to be read after the OVA.

  7. abconline says:

    I saw a 25 minute special on anidb for this OVA.
    What’s that special about then?

    • herkz says:

      what kind of question is that

    • airco says:

      It’s probably referring to the TV special about AnS, but incorrectly labeled. There was a 24-minute TV special that served as an advertisement for AnS and gave short previews for the three works and had a few staff interviews. The previews introduce some concepts not explained in the OVA, but those are explained in their respective works anyway, so we’re not going to bother subbing the special.

      If you’re curious, the special was uploaded to Nyaa as “episode 00”, though as I said, it’s mislabeled. There’s nothing animated of the series besides this one OVA.

  8. m says:

    shouldn’t the words at 15:50 be “idiot” (アホ), not “maho” (マホ)?

    • airco says:

      Maybe, but it does look a little more like a マ than ア. I’m not sure what a message like “Stupid Idiot” would serve to accomplish though (talking to herself?), whereas “Maho” could have been someone referenced in the novel.

      Yeah, it really would have helped for us to have read that novel first.

      • YoshiYoshi says:

        Actually if you look carefully the person sleeping on that desk before the shot shifts back to the current time is Kirishima (same hairstyle). So I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Aho’ and not ‘Maho’.

        • airco says:

          I dunno, the hairstyles look kinda different. You may be right, though. We’ll probably go back and v2 this when the novel and manga are done and correct any possible mistakes like that.

  9. XXZXX says:

    Well, I bought the dengeki bunko magazine that has the prologue of the novel (definitely not because it came with an adorable little kirito figure-thing), but I guess there would be no meaning in only providing the prologue.