Fam 7

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  1. oBb says:

    no witty remarks? no comments? what’s up, still sick?

  2. Tankred says:

    Thanks guys.

  3. Alex says:

    Thank you!

  4. Crynsos says:

    A couple of corrections about the names of the other Sky Pirates due to their once-again german-based vegetable names:

    Suivel -> Zwiebel
    Felix -> Pilz
    Kallot -> Karotte
    Quirvis -> Kürbis
    Shupargel -> Spargel

    • Break says:

      i was really disappointed in you guyys when i saw this in the episode.. i mean since you already knew the sky pirate’s ships were all named after german vegetable names, you couldve at least checked their writing ro if the stuff you wrote were even words.. (and while the rest may be slightly tolerable considering how they may sound, i can absolutely not understand how you can mishear “pilz” as “felix”. i mean your supposed to be quality group!)

      • Kyhz says:

        “p” and “f” are actually quite similar. Koreans make no distinction between the two in fact. Last time I checked, proper names usually don’t hold any particular meaning. Also, please use proper capitalization and review your paragraph for typographic and grammatical errors next time. Spare me the blood pressure spike! Last but not least, considering this has absolutely zero impact on the watcher’s understanding of the plot, I can safely declare that:
        a) No one cares.
        b) You are a faggot.

    • oBb says:

      has already been noted on irc, and will be included in a correction for batch according to translator airco.

    • basement dad says:

      Rofl. Even I couldn’t identify “Suivel”, and I’m German.
      Shupargel was the only thing I recognized by the sound, after reading the previous vegetables.

  5. basement dad says:

    Wow, dudes. That was.. really fast. Didn’t expect this until today :).

    • basement dad says:

      PS: Can someone explain the small filesize of the last episode. How the f*** is this possible.