Fate 11

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Everything else soon.

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30 Responses to “Fate 11”

  1. newfriend says:

    Awesome, thanks.

  2. Kowal says:

    Shana III where ;_;

  3. nope says:

    So… no persona?

  4. anoo says:

    Who trusts “soon” after maria holic, lol….

    • Kirby_422 says:

      Hmmm.. thats true, they did state “everything else” which would include maria.. It can’t be helped.

  5. midgemage says:

    Oh commie u so funny.


    • XerBlade says:


      How dare you release my favorite show this season before my second favorite show this season!!

  6. Choco says:


  7. M says:

    Don’t worry folks, at this rate we’ll have Ep.10 of P4 by this time next month.

  8. Anon says:

    Soon or SOON™?

  9. Fag It says:

    kinda surprised that Risette’s climactic ep isn’t getting the love. Could this mean that Commie no think Rise-chan is the ultra-uguu-kawaii?

  10. Sebastian says:

    I wanna sex Johnny’s bum.

    Who do I contact?

  11. PERSONA says:


  12. hai gaiz says:

    No release pic this week? :(

  13. Tom says:

    Get told it’s on IRC, can’t find it on the IRC. am mad

  14. The_True_Beef says:


  15. somed00d says:

    why does have a “Commie” release for Shana 10 when there isn’t a post about it on this website ? Is that one fake?

  16. nekonekonekoneko says:

    you guys forgot to put TM after soon =)
    btw thx for fate/zero

  17. Anonymous says:

    Persona will be released on Valve Time

  18. ok says:

    great job, keep it up, ragers are dunkasses, i love you

  19. Kyzoryn says:

    i want my UNGO. i say this every week.

  20. BubbleWrapLlama says:

    I wish the audio quality was a little better,

    • RHExcelion says:

      Then wait for the BDs.

      Actually on second thought, you’re probably doing it wrong, so first fix your shit, and then wait for the BDs.

  21. vivant says:

    Thanks again~

  22. Tris says:

    Is it just me or did the animation quality take a huge hit this episode, if they were going to do this they should’ve totally made this episode better and just screw last weeks episode

  23. Jack says:

    The audio is kinda funny. Almost like the characters are talking into a toilet.

  24. Strych says:

    I didn’t notice it on the first viewing but a friend brought it to my attention that people were complaining about this so I decided to look for it on the second viewing. Holy crap. There are a few sparkling gems of quality, particularly where Rider is totally deconstructing Saber and she’s all “Oh no, I totally fucked up in life,” but the fugly moments were out in full force this episode. Probably the poorest animated episode of the series since the second episode. I was pissed off to begin with last week that the most worthless episode of all had gotten such luscious Kara no Kyoukai-quality visuals, but now that I see what happened to what should have been one of the prettiest episodes of the series, yeah, it’s hard not to be a little more jaded at the goddamn lolikon army. Princess Rin gets the red carpet while Iskander gets shafted. A real shame.

    • anoo says:

      One of the other reasons it’s so strange is because like 95% of Fate Zero hentai is Iksander fucking Waver…

      Seriously, search the usual Japanese hentai sites for pictures like Pixiv, then hate yourself for expecting ones like Irisviel or Maiya..